How to Make the Perfect Cheese Board

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Hosting a party and have no idea how to put together a great cheese board? While making the perfect cheese board requires some bit of art, anyone can make a presentable one with just a few guidelines. It may not be Pinterest perfect, but it will cater to the needs of your guests. 

Learn how to assemble a great cheeseboard with these simple ideas and guidelines. 

Provide a Variety of Cheeses

Pick different cheeses for your board.  It may be tempting to just layout your favorite or the easy-to-find cheeses quickly, but do not go down that path. 

Choose the cheeses to use depending on their type, variety, and region. Feature at least 3-5 different types of cheese. Some fresh cheese, (ricotta, fresh goat cheese), soft cheese(brie), firm/hard cheese(Parmesan), and Blue cheese (Gorgonzola).

Start by laying cheese on your board, leaving some bit of space between them. To make your board more appealing, cut a few slices in different shapes. 

Throw in Some Components

Cheese can be a bit salty. You want to balance out the flavours. Add in some fruits, honey, chutneys, and jams to make the cheese board more exciting. 

Strategically use color pallets and make the fruits stand out to bring out the wow factor on your cheeseboard. 

Choose seasonal fruits as much as possible; they are way cheaper.  You can also add in some dried fruits like figs, cherries, or apricots.

Throw in some fresh vegetables to help even out the palate. You can add in 2-3 vegetables, but there are no hard rules on the number. 

Add in Carbs

Always provide your guests with some carbs like crackers or homemade bread. Crackers will be the perfect palate cleansers in between your cheese bites. Go for those that are not flavored. If you have some people who are gluten intolerant, pick gluten-free options. 

Surprise Elements

Some small bites provide extra flavor and variety while giving people who do not like lots of cheese an option.  Add in some nuts, both raw and roasted, olives, and cornichons. Some people will add meats to their cheese boards.

How to Arrange the Perfect Cheeseboard

Now that we know what we require on our cheese board, let’s lay it out stylishly.  Be thoughtful while arranging all the above food items on your cheese board, and don’t let it stress you.  You can choose to have a sparse board or make it full. It all depends on how large your crowd is.

To begin laying out your cheese board, start with an anchor in the middle. Break it out with small condiment bowls for a chic look.  Then place something on the four corners of your board. Next, start feeling every space in between with the other accompaniments. To check whether your cheeseboard is full, take a step back and look at it. 

Once done, add in the final accompaniments, then take another step back and check how it looks. Don’t forget to add the vegetables. Garnish with them or add in some herbs.


Always remember, cheese is tastier at room temperature. Therefore, it essential to get it out about an hour earlier.  This allows the flavors to get realized. The meats need to be laid out 20-30 minutes before they are served.  A great idea is to start arranging your board 30 minutes before your guests arrive so that by the time the guests are in, the cheese and meat have already been out from the fridge for the recommended time. 

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