The 4 Best Fishing Spots to Fish In

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If you are an avid fisherman and dedicated to exploring the ocean and sea then you want to know which are the best fishing spots to fish at. Offshore FIshing is a fun and educational activity that you can do with a group of friends, or your family. Really great fishing enthusiasts love to venture deep into the sea, and to foreign waters, in order to find the best waters to fish in and discover the different types of fish that exist. This is why this article will help identify those waters and guide that fisherman to reach the Holy Grails of fishing. Here are the 4 best fishing spots to fish in. 

#4- Key West Florida 

If you want to find great fish and you want to find them in a great fishing spot then you need to hop on a Florida Keys Fishing Charters and head out to Key West Florida. Not only does it have a great fishing spot, but it also has great docking, amazing seafood restaurants, and dining establishments, and is a fantastic tourist destination. You are bound to run into all sorts of fish there so this is definitely a place you want to add to your Fishing Bucket List.  

#3- Portugal 

Portugal has some of the finest beaches and waters that are both frequented by many visitors and tourists around the world. Sail out to the Azores in Portugal if you really want a fantastic fishing spot for you to fish in. 22 fishing world records were made from Azora in Portugal so you are destined to cross paths with some big, mean, and bad fish. Make sure you pack a lot of energy and toughness with you for the trip because the sea creatures in Azores don’t leave the water without a fight.

#2- Scotland 

Scotland is a country with many beautiful sights, places, cities, and culture. But one of the most captivating and enticing things about Scotland is that it’s a great place to go fishing. It is a certainty that you will come across a large amount of fish once you dive into the deep blue waters of Scotland. Visit the Orkney Islands if you really want to make use of your trip there, and take full advantage of the under the sea world that Scotland has to offer.

#1- Sicily, Italy

Staying in Europa but shifting over to the Mediterranean, sitting in the prime location of the Mediterranean Sea is the historic town of Sicily in Italy. Sicily is home to millions of fish and every town is a fishing stopover. Head to Sicily to enjoy its beautiful sight, country wine, beautiful blue sea, and its fascinating fishing world. 

There you have it, the 4 best fishing spots to fish in. Next time you’re planning on going on a vacation, consider visiting one of these four places and let us know how it’s like to go fishing in their beautiful waters and all the wonderful fish.

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