Gift Your Partner a Custom Painting

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Gifting your partner something holds more than just physical value. It also paves a way into their heart with the sweetness of the gesture. While the moments you share with your beloved are ones that you truly cannot forget, pictures just make those moments even better.

With the evolution of the digital world, framing the moment is not a problem at all. With a simple click you can press and record all the memories you’re making with your loved ones in real time. While those pictures and videos are a lovely reminder of the good and love filled times, what about framing them to be eternal?

If you’re someone stuck on what to get for your partner this anniversary, custom paintings are the way to go. Professionals can easily transform your memorable pictures into a magical painting with any medium of your choice.

Here are some ways you can get your partner a customized painting and win their hearts all over again. Let’s dive in!

Oil Painting

Oil paintings are one of the most intricate forms of art o the planet. From the impressionist ages to the age of today, oil paintings hold incredibly high in value due to the immaculate results they give and the amount of effort that go into them.

You can order an impressionist style oil painting of you and your partner to gift them this occasion. Not only will the painting be a customized piece but you will also get to capture your favorite photograph reminiscent of the romantic renaissance eras.

Charcoal Sketches

Charcoal sketches are an art staple. They give your emotion and raw strokes with the intense black lines and the smudged shadows and blurs. Charcoal art is one of the most abstract forms of expression that capture the raw energy of the sketch in its strokes.

While the thick dark lines make up an aesthetic painting in itself, you can easily get one customized in this style for your and your lover. The fluidity of the rigid lines paired with the sentimental value of your photographs will make the customized masterpiece a gift to be cherished eternally.

Watercolor Fantasies

Watercolor paintings embody a more dreamy feeling to their character. The soft color bleeds and the light careful strokes all add up to make up a painting that is so delicate in its essence that one can’t help but be mesmerized at their sight.

You can capture the delicate nature of watercolors with your custom paintings for your partner. Simply ask for customized painting in watercolors and instruct the creative direction of it. These paintings will certainly whisk you away into a world of love and fantasy.

Bright Colors With Acrylics

Acrylic paintings are the most versatile of all. With the most color range and the most artistic freedom, acrylics make up to be the finest mediums of paintings that can capture the true essence of the colors and tell the story as it is.

By getting a customized acrylic painting for your partner, you will be able to truly exaggerate the colors of your moments together. This gift will be a perfect reminder for them to understand the number of colors and the brightness they bring into your life. This gift will truly be a great way to capture the eccentric side of your relationship in an endearing way.


By converting your picture to painting, you’re going to end up with a personalized gift that is unparalleled. We hope that through our article you found the perfect way to capture your moments in a painting. You can never go wrong with a bit of personalization!

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