7 Ways to Enable Employee Success in Your Organization

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Your business is gaining pace and now you stand at a point where you need to hire some bright talent. You interviewed bright candidates and brought many of them on board to elevate your business. But is your work finished? Will hiring the best in breed professionals really help you walk the path towards success. NO!!!

Your most important role starts here. You need to keep up with your employees and stay in touch with them to come up with ways to help them grow and make them successful to ensure that they do the same for your venture.

Enabling and empowering employee success has always been essential for companies to maintain a good revenue stream and retain employees. By proactively adopting strategies to support your workers, you allow your staff to do its tasks more effectively and enable the best experience throughout the employee lifecycle.

There are many ways by which you can guide your employees towards success. Here are 9 effective ways to do it very easily:

1. Understand what your employees want:

Honestly speaking, your employees care more about success in their careers than anyone else. Yes, even more than you! Even if they are a complete noob in the corporate realm, they are very much likely to have some plan devised for their successful career.

Communicating with your employees is hence very important to understand what they have thought for their career path and what they really want to become successful. Doing this via one-to-one meeting rounds, anonymous questionnaires, or even open surveys will help you understand what your employees want, and come up with strategies to make them successful.

2. HRs are more than talent acquisitionists:

Human Resource teams are for more than just bringing people on board. And this has been proven time and again. In fact, they are the maestros of any organization that help different teams to perform simultaneously in a perfect rhythm and tempo.

By using their people management and workplace administration skills, they tackle multiple day-to-day challenges and take actions to maintain organizational order and integrity. Hence, by consulting HR managers, you can come up with programs and incentives to support your team internally for the best results and ensure its success with foolproof management.

3. Facilitate proper communication among team members:

The recent COVID pandemic has strengthened the importance of remote work and flexible work schedules. This has further reinforced the need for proper communication tools for teams and their members alike for seamless transfer and execution of tasks while they work from their homes.

Ineffective communication certainly affects the performance of your employees and discourages them when it starts to drop, affecting their success rate drastically. By using proper communication and scheduling tools, companies can ensure seamless communication among their employees and empower them for better success rates. Furthermore, these tools also allow the management to keep their employees informed by passing on information like changes in working policies or short-notice team-building exercises. 

4. Make work more meaningful and rewarding:

Recognizing the efforts of your employees and appreciating them for the results they have achieved always encourages them to do better. Using appreciation letters or certificates is a good way to so and show your employees support and gratitude.

Doing this will not only cheer the employee being appreciated to do better but also inspire others to put in more effort and get on the right path to excel themselves. 

5. Leveraging senior leadership:

The corporate structure is for more than maintaining an organizational hierarchy. Team leaders or managers in this structure are key people who can help you encourage employee success in your company.

Employees look up to their senior leaders as a source of guidance and knowledge to mitigate their issues. Additionally, the immediate higher-ups are the first contact point of their team members and hence know a ton about the working habits and strengths of their subordinates. Hence, involving them in employee success programs will definitely help you build a positive work culture and uplift your employees toward success. 

Furthermore, when you give your senior leaders such important corporate responsibilities, they themselves get motivated and persuade their immediate juniors to excel.

6. Help employees climb the corporate ladder:

It is next to impossible to retain employees who don’t see an opportunity to grow in their careers while they stick with you. Providing opportunities to employees for upward mobility and showcase their skills in a new field is therefore crucial.

However, it is important to promote employees to a better position only after analyzing their skillset and evaluating their past performance. Promoting someone who is not up to the job role can shake up corporate integrity and hamper the success of the organization completely.

7. Providing employee wellbeing:

The new generation seeks much more than remote work options and flexible timings in their ideal job. They seek a proper work-life balance so that they can focus on their interests and providing them with only a health insurance isn’t going to make the cut.

Creating a unique work culture that focuses on employee wellbeing and fitness is something new businesses include to attract employees. Doing this also helps employees to concentrate more on their work during duty hours and accomplish their tasks more quickly and effectively, giving a push to employee success efforts.

Furthermore, this also retains employees in the long run and creates a positive brand image of the company in front of future potential employees. 


CFO asks CEO: “What happens if we invest in developing our people and they leave us?”

CEO: “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”

Investing time and efforts towards employees’ success is important to do if you want your staff to excel and make your business successful. By leveraging these 7 methods, organizations can lead their employees toward glory and their company simultaneously.

Author Bio

Nathan is a Military Combat Veteran and Duke MBA candidate with two decades of experience in health, wellness, and technology. Nathan is the Founder and CEO of Woliba a Software as a Service company in the wellness and engagement space. Woliba helps organizations consolidate their HR software tools into one comprehensive platform to enhance company culture, morale, engagement, and workplace wellbeing. With built-in automation and Artificial Intelligence, Woliba helps organizations easily manage wellbeing, employee engagement, recognition, and reward initiatives in one mobile-friendly platform

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