Men’s Lifestyle Expert Steven Branco Shares His Tips for Living Your Best Life in 2021

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All you have to do is scroll through his IG (@mr.stevenbranco) to know… Steven’s got swag. Which makes sense, being the former editor-in-chief of Swagger Magazine he’s picked up a few tips and tricks along the way.

“Style is about more than just a piece of designer clothing. It’s an attitude, a way of life,” says Branco. “Regardless of whether you’re wearing your favourite Tom Ford suit, or sweatpants and a sweater from Uniqlo, you should always walk with a little swagger in your step.”

Some of his favourite brands include: AMI, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton, Kollar, Mayer, Gucci and Dior. His go-to retailer is Nordstrom (of course), and his favourite thing to buy: shoes.

Mr. Steven Branco’s brand is about more than just fashion, it’s his essence and lifestyle as well. His 3.5 year old Blue Brindle purebred Frenchie named Bougie is a regular feature on his Instagram; she even has her own page: @msbougiefrenchie which is, of course, maintained by Steven.

Steven also has a passion for good food and great drinks. While he admits he isn’t the best cook – his partner being a professional chef – he has upped his game in the kitchen during 2020. His favourite drinks are coffee, Coca Cola, tequila and champagne.

“It’s sad to admit, but I burnt a boiled egg once, which is awful because eggs are my favourite food! I LOVE brunch, it’s definitely something I missed a lot in 2020 not being able to go from Sunday brunch. I spent the year instead learning to be more capable in the kitchen; I’m happy to report that I am an eggcellent Sous Chef ;)”.

According to Mr. Steven Branco, it is important to find a balance in life of work and play. This past year he discovered his love for plants, learning to propagate, working to save struggling buds and watching them thrive under his care.

You can follow Steven on Instagram @mr.stevenbranco. Hero photo by the talented Nick Merzetti.

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