5 Benefits of Having a YouTube Channel for Educators

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It is not an exaggeration to say that YouTube is the world’s biggest video sharing platform, localized in 100 countries and available in 80 languages.  Although YouTube is mostly used for entertainment, more and more people start to discover its hidden values and utilize it for educational purposes. Out of billions of videos on YouTube students can easily search for the right ones to learn new skills, to deepen their knowledge or simply to get themselves ready for upcoming tests. Therefore, if you are a college professor, researcher, writer, political scientist or a yoga meditation guide, you need to think about starting a YouTube channel, because of all the amazing benefits it offers.

You can make a name for yourself in your industry

You know how many hours are watched on YouTube on a daily basis? One billion. YouTube gives you an amazing opportunity to make your work accessible to wider audiences all around the globe. In order to achieve desirable ends, make sure that your content is either in English or in other most spoken languages. Besides, try to upload videos consistently and invest your time and energy in the visual aspects of your production. On the other hand, be ready that your newly-opened channel might not receive as much attention and views as you planned. However, be smart enough to solve this issue by purchasing YouTube shares. It will increase traffic on your account drastically and make your videos appear in personalized recommendations based on the watching habits of the viewers.  

You can increase demand on your service

To do so, you need to make your content outstanding, informative and, what is the most important, easily-understandable. If your field of expertise is technical, do not hesitate to use graphs, formulas, informatics and other visual tools to illustrate the practical usage of theoretical knowledge.  If you are an artist, make a video in which you explain drawing techniques in a detailed manner. If you are a fitness instructor, share the most effective exercises and your best results. The point is to highlight your level of expertise and position yourself as a professional. The higher the number of satisfied users is, the higher the odds are that they will actually come to you and pay for your service.

You can monetize your account

Besides the non-material benefits, you can actually make money by monetizing your YouTube account. There are several ways of monetization, including turning on ads or channel memberships, or using YouTube Premium revenue. Although you need to follow some requirements, the result is worth the work.

You can promote your other social media accounts

Whether it is your personal Facebook or Twitter account, an official website, or the page of the organization you are a chairperson of, you can promote them via your YouTube channel. Simply, insert the relevant links in the description of your videos, or ask your viewers to follow other accounts at the end of each tutorial. By doing so, you will improve your ranking in search results and increase your brand awareness and loyalty.

You can expand your career network

Last but not least, perhaps the most attractive benefit of starting a YouTube channel for educators is the ability to expand and build their career networks. It goes without saying that every professional needs to constantly follow the recent updates and trends in their respective fields. Therefore, subscribing the channels of your colleagues, leading names in your industry and most trusted media agencies will help you to keep up with the trending news and hottest topics for discussion. 

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