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The Craziest Home Alone Booby Traps

ome Alone is one of the craziest Christmas movies out there. It’s kept audiences enraptured for years, largely due to its variety of interesting booby traps that make up a large portion of the plot. Considering that Home Alone celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, it’s only right that people would want to look back fondly on this movie. Here are the six craziest booby traps that you’d find in the McCallister household.

1. Red-Hot Doorknob

When Harry, one of the burglars, attempts to get in the house, he decides first and foremost to just try the front door. This turns out to be a terrible choice for him; Kevin already knew that he was going to try and get in through the front door. The boy heated up the interior doorknob with an electric barbecue lighter, which also heated up the exterior doorknob. When Harry grabbed the doorknob, he got an “M” burned into his hand.

2. Fake Lightbulb

The other burglar, Marv, decides to take a sneakier way into the home. Rather than just walking in through the door, he attempts to make his way through the basement. After arriving in the basement, he scrambles for what he believes to be a light, pulling what he assumes is the string to an overhead lightbulb. However, it’s actually connected to a hot iron, which causes the iron to fall directly on Marv’s face.

3. Toy Cars

The burglars eventually meet back up inside the home, then decide to go up the stairs to try and catch Kevin. At this point, they’ve been through a lot, so they’re angry and looking for revenge. That means they don’t notice the toy cars that Kevin has scattered around the foot of the stairs. These burglars slip and trip all over the cars, causing quite the comedic scene as they attempt to regain their balance.

4. Paint Cans

Immediately after the toy cars incident, these burglars attempt to make their way up the stairs to find Kevin. Of course, Kevin already knows that they’re going to try and follow him. He’s attached paint cans to the top railing of the stairs. When the burglars make their way about halfway up the stairs, he allows these paint cans to swing, hitting both burglars in the face with a significant amount of force. Although it’s probably enough force to seriously injure the burglars, it only sets them back a bit in the movie.

5. Christmas Ornaments

One of the more interesting things that Kevin deploys against the burglars is what he’s able to do to Marv. Earlier in the movie, he’s able to essentially remove Marv’s shoes and socks by pouring tar all over the basement stairs. That leaves the door wide open to the glass Christmas ornaments that Kevin has placed underneath the window. As Marv tries to climb in through the window, he steps barefoot on the glass ornaments.

6. Chicken Suit

Possibly the craziest booby trap that happens in the Home Alone movie is the Rube Goldberg-esque chicken suit. It’s sort of a take on the idea of being “tarred and feathered.” First, Harry walks into plastic wrap that Kevin has covered in strong caulking glue. Then, he triggers a fan that blows feathers all over the glue. He essentially becomes a walking chicken, adding to both his embarrassment and his frustration.


Kevin is nothing if not a creative young boy. Although people have argued over the years as to whether his traps step over the line of self-defense, he definitely manages to create traps that would deter any normal burglar. As you watch Home Alone this year, talk to your friends and family to figure out what you think is the craziest or most memorable Home Alone booby trap.