Creative Ways To Learn About Other Cultures When You’re Stuck At Home

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It is hard for culture lovers and travel addicts to stay isolated and become used to it. The COVID-19 outbreak has, undoubtedly, brought a challenging time for everyone. Pretty much everybody is self-isolated, and trying their best to stay safe and protect their loved ones.

However, all that isolation can get to you unless you find some creative ways to keep yourself entertained and motivated. In this short guide, we have compiled a few ways you can immerse yourself in new cultures without having to step outside your home.

Play Board Games Belonging To Different Countries

Did you know that chess originated from the Middle Eastern countries? Britain patented the popular game Ludo in the late 19th century. Another game that comes from China ‘Go’ continues to be immensely popular all over the world even today. If you are looking for contemporary but super interesting trivia board games for older adults, you should check out Boom Again!

Watch Shows About Travel And Culture

Just turn on your TV, and tune into the Travel channel or History channel to get a taste of your dream destinations. You can check out the program schedules of your local TV channels to find some interesting shows and documentaries.

You can also go to YouTube and search for a particular destination or culture you’re interested in. There are several travelers out there who post regular videos about the places they have visited, so you can get a closer look along with some travel tips.

Read A Novel In A Foreign Language

If you speak a language that’s not your mother tongue, reading books in that language will teach you a LOT about that particular culture.

And even if you don’t speak another language, find an English translation of a foreign language novel. Most novels are translated as literally as possible, so you can even learn the different linguistic nuances that come with every culture.

Watch A Netflix Documentary

Documentaries are perhaps the easiest way to learn about different cultures across the world. Streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime have dozens of incredible travel documentaries, so it’s a good place to start.

You can check out Magical Andes, which explores 5 people’s beautiful connections to the Andes Mountains. Or Street Food Asia, which follows the lives of the folks who are responsible for Asia’s award-winning street food.

Watch A Movie Set In Another Country

If documentaries are not your style, but you love watching movies, you can still learn a lot about other cultures. While the stories might not be real, the cultural aspects will be based on reality.

You can start with Amelie, which is a story of a quirky French waitress, or Caramel, which observes 5 women in Beirut as they navigate their daily lives.

Watch A Local TV Series

This is hands down one of our favorite ways to learn about different cultures. Shows like Justice (a drama series about a female lawyer based in Abu Dhabi) and Emily In Paris (a comedy-drama series about a female marketing executive who moves to Paris) can give you a real taste of what it is like to live in another country.

Listen To Music In Different Languages

So, what if you don’t speak French? Listening to romantic French songs while you sip your latte and wrap gifts for upcoming holidays can be pretty boujee. With a subscription music service like Amazon Music or Spotify, you can listen to songs from anywhere in the world.

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