Top Xbox Games: Suggestions by Gift Card Sock

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Xbox remains to be at the very top of the world’s most popular game consoles list. It attracts millions of gamers across the globe, which is the main reason renowned game producers choose to deliver their games to this Xbox platform. If you are a gamer yourself, you are probably wondering which Xbox games are worth your time.

It could be a tough question to answer because there are literally hundreds of games available on Xbox. Some of them are breath-taking and packed with adrenaline and lots of action. To help you out with your pick, here are top Xbox games suggestions by Gift Card Sock.


FIFA is one of the most popular games on game consoles, according to Gift Card Sock, and Xbox is no exception. FIFA has a very long history of bringing fun to the homes of gamers. It can be played in a solo player mode against AI-controlled players. However, the game’s true culture lies in multiplayer game mode.

FIFA 20 continues to be very popular because the game developers bring new improvements with every new release. This FIFA title features Ball Physics System, which makes the entire game experience more realistic and fun.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry is an epic and recognizable title in the first-person shooter category. The Far Cry franchise managed to encaptivate the Xbox community. The latest addition to the series, Far Cry 5, brings a new storyline, dynamic world, and lots of new weapons, features, and colorful characters.

The game puts you in the shoes of a sharpshooter set on the quest to help locals at Hope County fight off the mysterious cult. The game supports the co-op mode so that you can enjoy some quality gaming time together with your friends and family. With so many new features, no wonder it made it to the top of the Gift Card Sock Xbox games list.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Gamers received Red Dead Redemption pretty well. The buzz around the new installment, Red Dead Redemption 2, got many Xbox One owners excited. Simply put, the new Red Dead Redemption release is a real piece of art. It has everything a game needs to have to become the top title – a vast dynamic world, a unique storyline rooted in your decisions as a player, and hundreds of quests.

If you are a fan of Old West history, Red Dead Redemption will bring you on an epic adventure. You will be able to bring down criminal cartels, build a true relationship with your horse, and slow time to make every shot count during fire exchange.


HALO 5 is the next suggestion by Gift Card Sock. Xbox owners can enjoy the beautiful graphic and mesmerizing effects HALO 5 brings. The game delivers one of the best campaign modes in the world of FPS. There are a lot of new weapons, effects, and enemies. This time around, the players will have to fight against the force that plans to destroy the entire galaxy.

You can enjoy HALO 5 solo, but the real fun starts in co-op mode, which now supports up to 4 players. Warzone mode turns HALO 5 into a massively multiplayer FPS. Enter it, and you will be able to compete against other players. Want something more competitive? HALO 5 arena mode will help you feed your FPS PVP wolf inside.

Project CARS

Project CARS has come a long way from being a Kickstarter project to becoming one of the top Xbox one games. The game brings to you dozens of tracks, liveries, and new vehicles you can hop into and take for a spin. When it comes to racing games, it doesn’t get any better than with Project CARS.

The game graphics are incredible. It delivers an exciting racing experience with speed and crash effects and intense music. It is the only car game suggested by Gift Card Sock, which is proof that this title really is something.

The ultimate goal is to make it to the Project CARS Hall of Fame. To do it, you will have to create your driver and achieve dozens of unique and engaging goals. You can play the game in offline mode. However, if you want to test your driving skills against real human players, you can go online and take part in an online racing tournament.


Choosing what next to load your Xbox One with doesn’t have to be hard. The titles suggested by Gift Card Sock are the top Xbox games that promise a lot of fun and hours in front of your TV. As you can see, there are games from different categories. Hopefully, now it’s easier for you to decide which one you might like based on your personal preference. You can’t make a mistake, whichever you choose.

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