Bird Symbolism and Meaning: 7 Common Birds and What They Represent

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An estimated 10,000 different kinds of bird species populate our planet. With birds playing such a vital part in keeping the earth’s ecosystem alive, many cultures have adopted them as symbols of strength, hope, and love– among many other meanings.

From bird watching to the study of bird symbolism, if the current state of the world has you researching these beautiful creatures and wishing as though you could take flight and soar to healthier heights, keep reading.

Let’s discuss the symbolic meaning of birds!

1. Eagle

Having a grip that is known to be ten times stronger than that of a human being, eagles are oftentimes known to symbolize strength. Some Native Americans consider the eagle to be a very sacred bird that carries their prayers to the spirit of creation.

The eagle also represents freedom and victory which is why countries like the United States and Mexico, as well as many others, have the image of an eagle on their national emblem.

2. Sparrow

Sparrows are tiny common birds that represent hope and courage. However, this little bird has many different meanings.

One example of a varied symbolic meaning for sparrows is in Chinese culture. In China, a family will believe that a sparrow has brought good fortune and luck to their home if it chooses their home to breed in.

The sparrow continues to inspire faith through the many renditions of the song His Eye Is On The Sparrow.

3. Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are considered to be the smallest bird in the world. Because of their beautiful colors, they are a symbol of joy, happiness, and positivity.

There are over 330 different kinds of hummingbirds, and more are still being discovered. That’s over 330 reasons to be positive!

4. Bluebird

Just like the hummingbird, bluebirds can also represent joy and happiness. One kind of bluebird meaning is the symbolic meaning for good news.

It’s said that when you see a bluebird in your dream, you can soon expect to receive abundant wealth and prosperity.

5. Dove

Around the world, doves are said to be the symbol of purity. Other symbolic meanings include faith, gentleness, kindness, beauty, and devotion.

Because of the symbolic meaning of doves, dove imagery can be found in churches, on emblems, and on graveyard headstones.

6. Parrot

Since Parrots are able to mimic the language of humans, they are a representation of honesty. Because of their ability to mimic only the words and sounds they hear, parrots also symbolize self-reflection and communication.

Next time you see a parrot, see if there are any recent dreams that you’ve had that you may want to gain additional clarity on.

7. Raven

This dark bird can have both a positive and negative meaning in most cultures. Ravens are symbolic for things such as wisdom, death, fear, power, and magic.

In parts of Scotland, inhabitants believe that a child can gain the gift of prophecy if given a drink from the skull of a raven.

Beautiful Bird Symbolism

Did you find the bird symbolism for these amazing birds interesting? If so, don’t stop here, you’ve got over 10,000 more bird species to learn about!

Before you leave, be sure to check out even more interesting articles on our site.

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