Monday Fitness Motivation: How to Start the Week off Strong

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Did you know that 80% of American adults do not get the recommended amount of exercise every week? If you are totally enjoying the weekends and then Monday morning feeling the dreaded weekly routine, we are here to help you kick the week off strong.

Keep reading our Monday fitness motivation guide to help you get started off on the right foot.

1. Make It a Date

When you have a workout buddy it makes working out so much better. Plan a date with a friend at the gym or have them join you in a LYF FIT workout at the same time. People are less likely to cancel a workout when they know that someone else is counting on them to show up.

Making your workout a date will give you a sense of responsibility to show up and be there even when you aren’t feeling up to it.

2. Clear Goals

Setting goals that are clear and also attainable will help you not skip your Monday workout. These goals will give you meaning and purpose that you are on the right track. When you workout without a goal the chances of skipping Monday are a lot higher.

Sunday night before you go to bed take the time to make your exercise schedule for the week. Schedule this morning workout like you would any other appointment.

3. Use Your Alarm Clock

Another way to not skip your Monday morning workout is to set multiple alarm clocks around your room. This will help you when you hit snooze on the alarm closest to you and then another goes off a few minutes later that forces you to get up.

Once you are up on your feet it will be easier to stretch, throw on your workout clothes, and head to the gym.

4. Make It Fun

No one wants to do something that they are not enjoying. This is why you want to make your workout fun. Do things that you actually enjoy doing such as kickboxing, pilates, swimming, yoga, etc.

Stay away from workouts that feel like a chore or a job you hate and instead find ways to workout that barely make it feel like you are working out. Rotating your workouts will also help you stay more focused and it will make it less likely that you get bored.

5. Music in the Morning

Take advantage of playing music early in the morning. If your alarm clock plays music, set it up with your favorite workout songs that motivate you and get you in the mood to workout. Hearing the right music will get your blood pumping and your body ready to hit the gym.

Ready for Some Monday Fitness Motivation?

Now that you have our top tips with our Monday fitness motivation guide above, you can start implementing the perfect tips for you right away.

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