How to Find the Best Wrongful Death Law Firm

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Are you looking for a wrongful death law firm?

If yes, it’s clear you recently lost a loved one due to another party’s negligence. Perhaps they perished in a road crash where another driver was at fault. Or they died in an air crash and it’s been determined that other parties are liable for the accident. Or perhaps it was a case of medical malpractice.

Regardless of the unfortunate circumstances that befell your loved one, it’s important to seek justice on their behalf, especially if another party is liable. Hiring a wrongful death law firm or criminal justice law firm is an important step toward finding justice.

But with so many such firms around, it can be challenging to find the best one. Lucky for you, that’s is the whole point of this article.

Continue reading to learn how to find the best wrongful death law firms.

Understand the Benefits of Hiring a Wrongful Death Law Firm

When you want legal representation, you have two options: hire an independent lawyer (solo practitioner) or a law firm.

In this case, you need a law firm, but you might be wondering whether it’s better to go with a solo practitioner. Well, there’s nothing wrong with hiring an independent lawyer, but when you’re planning to file a wrongful death lawsuit, you’re better off with a full-fledged firm on your side.

Wrongful death cases, unlike other personal injury cases where the plaintiff was hurt but didn’t die, can take a long time to come to a conclusion. The level of investigations required is on another level. And with settlements ranging from $500,000 to over $1 million, the stakes can’t be higher.

You need the resources of a law firm. An experienced solo practitioner might take a good stab at the case, but they’ll likely run out of the resources required to pursue the case to the end.

Create a List of Firms You’d Potentially Hire

Now that you understand the benefits of hiring a wrongful death law firm, start out by making a list of firms you’d potentially hire. This eliminates your chances of hiring an incompetent firm, were you to just hire the first firm you came across.

The question is: how do you find candidates to fill up your list?

Simple. Ask for recommendations.

If you’ve got friends who are well-versed with the legal industry, you might want to ask them whether they know good wrongful death law firms in your state or locality. Or, if you know someone who has pursued such a case before, ask them if they would like to recommend the lawyer who worked on the case.

If you don’t find any recommendations this way, and this won’t be surprising since wrongful death cases aren’t very common, don’t give up. Simply take your search online.

On the web, search “wrongful death law firms near me” or “best wrongful death law firm in city or state X” where X is the name of your city or state. The search engine will return a page with links to the websites of some of the top law firms in your area.

Ideally, you want to have about 3-5 law firms on your list.

Set Up Initial Consultations with Each Firm on Your List

It’s standard practice for law firms to offer initial consultations to prospective clients. This is where they get to learn more about the case and decide whether it’s worth taking up. Most firms offer free initial consultations, but it’s possible that some firms on your list charge an hourly rate or fixed fee.

Either way, setting up an initial consultation is the best way to get to learn more about the competencies and weaknesses of a law firm.

You should be well-prepared with the facts of the case and armed with questions you’d like to ask the representatives of the firm.

Consider Law Firm Reputation

Even before you dig deeper into a law firm, the first thing you should check is its reputation. You want to hire a firm with a solid reputation, so this presents an opportunity for you to knock off some firms off your list.

Go online and look up the firms on your list, one by one. What are past clients saying about them on review sites like Yelp and Avvo?

If a firm has so many negative comments and low ratings, strike it off your list. A negative reputation is an indicator of a firm that offers low-quality services. And if it hasn’t bothered to recommend to the comments, it shows it doesn’t care.

During the initial consultation, you can also ask the firm to show you client testimonials. A firm that offers excellent services should have lots of these testimonials.

Consider the Details of the Lawyers Who Will Work on Your Case

Once a law firm picks up a case, it selects a lawyer (or team of lawyers) to work on it.

This is why it’s super important to familiarize yourself with the lawyers who will work on your case. Get to learn more about them; their professional qualifications, experience, communication abilities, and whatnot.

It’s not any good hiring a big wrongful death law firm if your case will be assigned to inexperienced wrongful death lawyers who are just starting out in their careers. You need experienced lawyers working on your case, and you should get this assurance during the initial consultation.

Hire the Best Wrongful Death Law Firm

Wrongful death lawsuits are never easy. From the legal intricacies of the case to the emotional burden, this isn’t a situation you’d like to be in. However, if your loved one was killed wrongfully, you owe it to them to ensure justice prevails.

Hiring a wrongful death law firm is a critical step in your quest for justice. This guide has shone the light on how to find the best firm.

All the best and keep reading our blog for more helpful tips.

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