5 Harsh Signs You’re Dating an Alcoholic

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A staggering 15 million American adults have an alcohol abuse disorder and unfortunately, you can’t always spot the signs.

Eventually, your partner’s alcoholism will become more apparent, and its effects will directly impact your relationship. If you think there’s an issue but aren’t sure what to look out for, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five signs you are dating an alcoholic.

1. Alcohol Is Involved in Every Activity

First dates are always nerve-wracking so heading to the bar helps take the edge off. But if your date constantly suggests activities that revolve around alcohol, it’s early signs he is an alcoholic.

This is especially true if you’re on a date where alcohol isn’t needed. For instance, one of the most obvious alcohol red flags is they bring beer to the zoo.

2. Booze Creates Problems for Them

Your partner may get in trouble with the law when they’re intoxicated or regularly miss work because of a hangover and lose their job.

Those who don’t have signs of alcoholism can easily ditch the drink. But someone dealing with alcoholism will continue to create problems for themselves regardless of how bad it gets. If you’re worried because this is happening to a loved one, contact an alcohol treatment center

3. They Hang Out With Heavy Drinkers

Early signs of an alcoholic is how they surround themselves around other heavy drinkers. This acts as a disguise because it’s harder to pinpoint who has the problem. Plus, it reassures them because they’re not the only one that drinks too much.

4. Alcohol Changes Their Emotions

When people abuse alcohol, they often have extreme moods during and after drinking. This ranges from anxiety to aggressive outbreaks of anger.

For instance, although they’re not intoxicated after several drinks, they may get defensive or irritated even if you’ve done nothing to upset them.

5. They Can Always Find Money to Drink

One of the top signs she is an alcoholic is she can never go to dinner with you or go on a road trip.

Having an alcohol addiction is expensive and you don’t want to foot the bill whenever she’s buying multiple bottles of wine. Drinking becomes the main source of entertainment and if your activity doesn’t involve alcohol, then it won’t appeal to her. It’s important to be honest and say you can’t do activities unless you split the costs. Hopefully it stops her from constantly drinking.

That’s Everything to Know About Dating an Alcoholic

If you’re worried that you’re dating an alcoholic then consider these tips.

Note that if your partner is overly emotional about alcohol or centers their life around it then reach out to an alcohol treatment center. As with most addictions, people are good at hiding them from the ones they love the most. Good luck!

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