How to Target Brand Psychology To Boost Your Website Performance

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Amidst fierce competition, it may not be possible for companies to rely on advertising alone to get recognition for their brand and boost their sales prospects. The changing scenario has forced businesses to use different methods to reach and connect to their customers. According to Neilson survey of over 28,000 respondents from across 96 countries, around 92% of the consumers indicated that they trusted recommendations from sources including family and friends.. The online marketplace is growing at a rapid pace and it is important for businesses to improve their presence and attract maximum number of customers.

Build brand power to boost customer satisfaction

Marketers need to use the right channels to communicate their brand message effectively to their customers using commercials, email marketing, social media networks or any other channels. The key to improving conversions is to target the right audience using relevant and useful content to build trust and confidence among website visitors. Most successful brands focus on creating content with the right tone that resonates with the needs of their customers and addresses their needs.

On an average, website visitors are likely to remain on the website for 10-20 seconds which is the best time to make your first impression. The key is to engage them on your website and personalization can be helpful in building rapport with them.  Email marketing can add greater value to your marketing efforts and help in publicizing your brand among potential customers. The content of your email needs to be relevant and the subject line must be captivating to draw their attention to boost your click through rates.

Thus, emails need to provide specific information to customers and provide them opportunities to subscribe to your emails.

Top Strategies for using branding effectively to enhance your website performance

  • Create a compelling website copy

It is essential to make the best use of the opportunity to engage your customers for selling your products and services. The aim of website copy is to educate readers and provide them with relevant and useful information to understand the benefits and features of the different products. Website content is a powerful psychological and branding tool for improving your online sales and conversion rates and make your business stand out from the competition.

  • Enhance your website design

The first thing that visitors will notice is the design of your website which can leave a lasting impression on their minds about your company. Especially, websites that are well designed tend to have a positive impact on the visitors and they are likely to connect with your products. It’s necessary to have an appealing design for your website so that they tend to stay longer and are engaged in the buying process to improve their conversion rates.

  • Use SSL certificate to build trust

SSL certificates ensures safe and secure encryption between users and helps in keeping your information confidential without providing access to unauthorized users. Installing an SSL certificate can be helpful in reducing hacking attempts and protecting privacy of information on your website. An SSL certificate is a security measure that ensures your site from less-than-savory characters. All ecommerce websites must have an SSL certificate to guarantee safe credit card transactions through the checkout process. Luckily, CheapSSLShop makes getting an SSL a fast and easy Process.

  • Have customer testimonials and reviews

It is always necessary to provide trust signals to your visitors on your website by including positive testimonials of your previous customers. This helps in assuring them about the legitimacy of your products and they are likely to engage in the buying process. Online reputation is essential in your brand building exercise and can boost your website conversion rates as well. On the other hand, if there are negative reviews, it is essential to address them as soon as possible and provide improved solutions to customers.

  • Build long term relationships with customers

One of the key factors in building trust in your brand is by offering greater value to your customers in terms of high value products and attractive pricing. Especially, discounts and free offers can work as rewards and gesture towards building customer goodwill and trust in your products. In addition, you can display your company memberships and certifications on your website to build trust in your brand.  This can be a useful method for providing assurance and trust among your visitors.

  • Improve customer service

Social media channels can provide a great way to build networking opportunities and build your brand presence. They can be also useful in boosting your customer service efforts by providing timely resolution of issues to customers via live chat support or having conversations on Twitter or Facebook. In addition, you can provide information on upcoming products and services and enable customers to stay updated about the recent launches. You can set up social media alerts on Google and other platforms to identify your product mentions on social media channels to increase your followers and subscribers on social media.

  • Provide the right contact information

Website visitors need to confirm the legitimacy of companies and verify about the authenticity of your products or services. They would like to get in touch to get more details and information about products which they may be interested in buying. Thus, marketers need to ensure they provide email, phone, address, and other relevant contact information in a separate section on their website. This can help customers reach out to your business and gain trust in your business.


Brand building can be a long-term exercise and requires experimenting with different strategies to attract a targeted audience by improving website visibility. Quality content and effective website design are some of the key factors to increase your website presence and engage visitors. In addition, customers are likely to trust websites that assure security of their personal information and provide a more user-friendly experience. Overall, customers today are more aware of their needs and tend to look at all possible options before narrowing down on the best options before making a purchase online. Hence it’s important to win their trust to ensure a successful brand building campaign.

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