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How to Do Pelvic Floor Exercises for Women

Women’s health is a criminally under explored and little talked about area. All too often, common conditions, cures, exercises and lifestyle adjustments are completely ignored. Caring for yourself as you get older is paramount to enduring health and wellbeing. Living a long, happy and healthy life should be easily accessible and achievable for everyone – man, woman or other. That being said, pelvic floor exercises are a fantastic, simple addition to your routine if you’re looking to optimise your wellbeing and strengthen a vital aspect of your health down the line. Follow this guide to pelvic floor exercises and women’s wellness tips to start your journey towards better health and brighter days, now…

How Can Pelvic Floor Exercises Improve my Health?

Pelvic floor exercises have many enduring health benefits, including…

Improved bladder control.

Protection from the risk of prolapse.

Faster recovery from childbirth.

Faster rehabilitation following surgeries or other procedures.

Reduced discomfort.

Increased confidence and quality of wellbeing over time.

Pelvic Exercises To Try…


This is the process of tensing and then releasing your pelvic floor muscles to strengthen them and develop stamina over time.


This move strengthens the largest muscles of your body and helps to maintain overall health and fitness! Ensure that your form is correctly aligned to get the most out of your efforts. Squats will help to develop your glutes, hamstrings, calves, core and pelvic floor.


Bridges are fantastic for your glutes, hamstrings and pelvic floor strength. Again, good form is essential in order to activate your pelvic floor muscles.

Bird Dog

This movement tests your balance and stability. The full body move, which involves sitting on all fours whilst moving one leg and the opposite arm inwards and outwards, helps to strengthen your abdomen, hip flexors, glutes and back.

Women’s Wellness Tips

Whilst you’re on your journey to strengthening your pelvic floor, you should also implement a few more tips and lifestyle adjustments in order to feel your very best…

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is essential for balancing hormones, increasing happiness and maintaining your fitness well into your later years. This doesn’t have to be all action, heavy duty or outrageously intense. Your regular workouts can be as simple as a lengthy walk, a gentle jog or some simple stretching whilst you watch TV, whatever works for you, your body and your lifestyle!

Balanced Nutrition

Sufficient and balanced nutrition will optimise your health and eradicate a lot of risks down the line. Try to eat hearty whole foods including lots of fish, eggs, nuts, leafy vegetables, fibrous fruits, whole grains and natural fats. Curbing processed foods, regular alcohol consumption and other negative lifestyle choices such as smoking will help you to look, feel and move better in every area of your life.

Manage Stress

Stress is one of the worst things for us, and yet we’re all so bad at managing it! Balance your cortisol levels by taking long walks, meditating, journalling, getting plenty of rest, spending time out in nature and practicing yoga. This is going to improve your quality of life and happiness inside and out!

Practice Sun Safety

Shield yourself from the sun’s harmful rays by staying in the shade during peak UV hours (about 11am-3pm) and wearing a minimum of factor 30 sun cream at all times.

Invest in your Wellbeing

Seek out the help of accredited health professionals to enhance your physicality, wellness and lifestyle, long term. Clinics like Evoker women’s wellness focused physiotherapist can work with you to tweak your lifestyle and to strengthen your pelvic floor.