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How to Identify a Genuine Laptop Screen Repair Man

Getting stuck with a broken laptop screen can be a frustrating thing for any system user. And whenever your system’s LCD is broken, you want to do anything possible to get it fixed as soon as possible. Laptop screen repair can be accomplished by either giving it out to professionals or doing the repairs yourself.

But before you get on with your excited repair adventures, you need to ask yourself if you are sure that your laptop screen needs any repairs. Therefore, this post will be telling you how to know if your laptop screen is bad or if the lack of display is caused by something else.

Your laptop screen might refuse to display anything for various reasons. So before you embark on your repair mission, here is what you should check:

Graphics card

Before you get started with your laptop screen repair, this is about the first thing you should critically observe.

It’s among the first things that can get bad and prevent your screen from showing anything. You really need to be doubly sure your graphics card is in good shape before attempting anything.

You can check the graphics card status by connecting the laptop to an external screen if you are having trouble seeing anything on your screen. If the graphics card is okay, you might as well see your laptop on the external screen. Otherwise, just know it – your graphics card may be bad. So know what to focus your energy on.

More external views settings

You probably already know about the graphics card thing and how to check its status with an external screen. But there are some other things you also need to know.

After doing what you can to test your laptop on an external screen, you may not have any visuals at first. When you get that, don’t just conclude that the graphics card is bad. It’s possible your default screen settings do not permit you to have any visuals on a secondary screen right away. In that case, you need to open up your projector settings and do the necessary configurations. But if after undertaking the necessary settings you don’t get any visuals, then you can be one hundred percent sure, your graphics card might be dead.


It is obvious that you cannot use your laptop screen when it is not displaying anything. Nobody can. But before you start thinking of how to change your screen or engage a laptop screen repair technician, you ought to be completely sure of the state of your laptop screen. Thankfully, you should not have any problem knowing whether your screen is good or bad because the steps of what to do have been narrated in this piece. Verify if the graphics card is good before moving ahead with the screen repair option.