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A bachelor’s degree course in Economics and Business Administration is a unique business programme with an international focus. Through this well-defined Economics and Business Administration programme, students will learn to identify, process, analyse and solve issues of international stature. Read on to find out why studying a BA in Economics and Business Administration is beneficial both in multinational and international companies.

How is it like studying a bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration?

The learning modules consists of a mix of group projects, classroom coaching and workshops, where provides students with real-time training to demonstrate and discuss global problems. The course curricula include both theoretical knowledge and acquiring professional skills within the realm of communication, presentation, socialisation, collaboration and self-discipline.

The basic topics taught in an economics and business administration BA degree

The international focus basically implies that the course is structured to delegate students about the affairs of the global economy and commerce. Following are some of the courses that you will have to undergo as a candidate of BA in Economics and Business Administration:

  • Management;
  • Accounting;
  • Marketing;
  • Sales;
  • Administration;
  • Organisational behaviour;
  • Finance;
  • Investments;
  • Mathematics;
  • Macroeconomics;
  • Business statistics;
  • Commercial law.

Global skills and qualification that can be gained

Pursuing this degree will open doors to opportunities to develop your cultural understanding and get a good grounding about cooperation in an international setting. Obtaining a foreign qualification plays a crucial role in providing you with useful skills and abilities to establish your future career in international business.

Prospects after qualifying this degree

With a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration under the belt, you will be eligible to apply for numerous master’s degree programmes. On a professional point of view, this degree will take you a step closer to acquiring a job in a multinational or international business entity. You may be recruited as consultants, project managers or analysts to be working with imports/exports and internationalisation. Employment options can also be found in divisions related to financial management, accounting, sales, marketing and administration.

During the course curriculum, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the elements which have a direct impact on the running of a global company. This will prep you for analysing the company’s situation and making informed decisions based on the data at hand.

If you have a knack for higher education, you can go on to do any number of master’s degree programmes after having completed a bachelor’s degree programme in Economics and Business Administration:

  • The MA in Economics and Business Administration, which is focused on the financial and psychological features of business management.
  • The MA in Business Economics and Auditing, which is focused on the theoretical basis of performing as an accountant and auditor.

Additionally, you will finally be able to fulfil your dream of being employed as a state-authorised public accountant. Hoping this article was able to clarify the importance of studying a BA in economics and business administration to advance in your career. Apply to the course soon.

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