5 ways a commercial electrician can help your business succeed

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We live in a modern era. Almost every business nowadays needs an electrical system. And if you underestimate the value of your electrical system, you do not reap the full benefits of your business. A good electrical system can save you money. Yes, you read that right. So, are you ready to think about investing in a safe and reliable electrical system?

Let’s talk about how a commercial electrician can help your business grow. Think about this for a second. Bad electricity can cause interruptions in power. Can your business survive a 30 seconds blackout? Or what about a few minutes blackout?

At the end of the day, you need a safe working environment. And that is where a commercial electrician can help you. The daily operations of your business cost money, and the last thing you want is an electrical issue causing things to come to a halt.

So, if you are looking for a commercial electrician with the knowledge and experience to help with electrical maintenance, let’s talk about the five ways he can help you.

Energy Efficiency

How much electricity do you spend per month? How efficient is your electrical system? For people that do not understand electricity, a commercial electrician from Bates electric can help a lot.

Commercial electricians can improve the efficiency of your building. They maximize output while minimizing the waste of power.

At the end of the day, by using energy-efficient wiring, lighting, and more, your business can use less power. And get the same functionality.

Energy efficiency is one of the ways your business can reduce costs and earn more money. Not to mention, you improve performance at the same time.

Lighting control and protection

Do you know that the lighting in your building could account for more than 60% of your electricity bill? For every business, it is crucial to select the right and correct type of lighting for the building. This is why we recommend using an experienced commercial electrician for your lighting control and protection.

In many cases, commercial electricians will recommend and install an automated lighting system. It is a modern lighting solution that helps minimize waste. And that saves you money. Do you notice a pattern here? Commercial electricians save you money in a number of ways.

Now for the lighting protection. Using a lightning protection system will reduce the risk of injury and damage. But you need someone with in-depth knowledge of the correct installation of the system.

The safety of your employees and business is imperative. You do not want to end up in a legal battle with your employees because of lighting damage/injury, right?

Here are a few ways commercial and licensed electricians can lower your lighting costs and improve protection:

  • Upgrade wall switches
  • Install scheduled controls for automated turn-off lights during after work hours
  • Install sensor-activated dimming systems
  • Prevent structural damage and fires related to lighting

Testing appliances and circuit breaker

You might think your electrical system works perfectly. It might. But it might not as well. Commercial electricians can conduct testing to make sure everything works fine. There are a couple of testing electricians conduct.

First, they test of existing appliances. This includes all electrical appliances in the commercial site. With special equipment, the electrician will test the applicability of appliances. They also tag safe appliances so that your employees and staff can rest assured the appliances are safe. This testing saves you money as well. Diagnosing the appliances can help you repair the appliances instead of replacing them.

Electricians also conduct a circuit breaker testing. This type of test evaluates the switching system and the program of the tripping structure. It is an essential test that ensures safe and reliable performance of the circuit breakers.

For those of you that do not understand electricity. The circuit breakers conduct electrical currents and insulation between contacts. Once the electricians test them, and they work properly, you know your equipment is safe. The protection of equipment is essential. A problem/issue with the circuit can cause equipment damage, but also injuries to personnel. Or worse, business interruption.

At the end of the day, testing and tagging is a preventive measure to ensure everything runs smoothly. The tests will help you maintain a safe working environment for your employees and business.

Wiring and electrical infrastructure installation

For new construction, it is imperative that you hire a commercial electrician. Or if you are renovating the existing building.

A licensed commercial electrician will install all wiring and electrical infrastructure in your new site properly. The end result is safety, but also a faster internet connection. You get faster download times, increased data transfer rate, and of course, better office productivity. You can now handle high bandwidth activities easily.

The stronger the foundation, the longer the life of appliances.

Switchboard maintenance

Sometimes, industrial and commercial sites rely on low and medium voltage switchboards for the distribution of electrical power. But over time, the equipment can age and deteriorate. This reduces the distribution efficiency and safety.

Commercial electricians can minimize failures that can occur in the businesses switchboard. That eliminates unnecessary repair and equipment replacement costs. And at the same time, it enhances electrical safety on your site.

Maintenance includes inspection and testing for insulation resistance test, continuity test, and high potential capability test. And you need special equipment for all of that. Hire a contractor to routinely check your switchboard.

Why Hire a Professional?

We talked about the five ways a commercial electrician can help your business succeed. But why should you hire a professional?

By working with professionals, you enhance the safety and utility of your work site. Professionals minimize the risk of business interruptions. You do not want your expensive equipment to experience damage from electricity fails, or from lighting, right?

At the end of the day, a commercial electrician improves your electricity efficiency and safety. This, in turn, leads to cost savings.

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