The Ace Family Net Worth – Unexpected Relationship Transforms into a Family Business

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Who is part of the ACE Family? The “duo” consists of Austin McBroom, a former basketball and football player, and Catherine Paiz, a former model. So, you can say there are a lot of formers in the duo. In any case, Catherine and Austin found their groove. Their ACE channel is a joy to watch. And together, they make more money than before as individuals. So, how much is the ACE Family net worth?

Catherine and Austin produce content like pranks, challenges, and crazy fun family times. Many of their pranks went viral. Together, they earn millions. As individuals, they were nowhere close to that number. As of October 2020, the ACE Family’s cash flow is more than $14 million. That is their combined net worth.

Name:Austin McKinley McBroom and Catherine Paiz
Created:January 10, 2016
Net Worth:$14 million
Occupation:American YouTube channel

How do they get together?

Both Austin and Catherine had some minor successes as individuals. Catherine was the more successful one. Let’s check their biography and how do they come together as a duo.

Born in North Hollywood, California, Austin grew up with a passion for sports. He attended Campbell Hall School in California. There, he played football, basketball, and even some baseball. Austin played as a running back on the football team. In the baseball squad, he played shortstop.

McBroom continued playing basketball and excelled at it. During his senior year with Campbell, he averaged 25 points per game. He got named to the ALL-CIF Division 3AA first team. Austin also got selected for the all-state tournaments in basketball and football.

During his freshman year, he played for the Vikings state championship team. There, he played alongside now-NBA point guard Jrue Holiday.

Catherine got her name after her mother’s foster mother. Born in 1990 in Montreal, Canada as Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz, she had two younger brothers and a younger sister. Her Panamanian parents moved to Florida when she was little.

As for her name, her dad promised her mother’s foster mother that they would name their child Paiz. Of course, her mother didn’t like the idea, but they had to honor the promise. During her school days, Catherine took some interest in sports. She played soccer, volleyball, and hockey during high school.

At the age of 16, she landed her first modeling job with Victoria’s Secret. After that, she worked briefly as an ice cream parlor.

By 2013, Catherine landed a ton of modeling jobs. She modeled for Azzelia Swimwear in 2013. At one point, she worked at Arkadia Miami as a VIP manager. Her popularity as a model helped her land some acting gigs. But at all that time, she focused on growing her social media presence.

In 2015, Catherine started dating Austin. In the beginning, she didn’t believe the relationship will last. Here we are five years later, and they are killing it on YouTube.

The two met at a dinner party. Austin fall in love immediately, but she didn’t have the same vibe. Reluctantly, she agreed to go on a date with him.

In the beginning, she ignored his declaration of love. Catherine thought that relationship will end quickly, just like her previous relationships.

But the two were just too good together. They got engaged in August 2017 and wed the same year. In May 2016, they got their first daughter, Elle. And then in October 2018, Catherine gave birth to their second daughter, Alaia. In June 2020, the family welcomed their third kid, Steel.

In 2016, Austin and Catherine began posting on YouTube. They documented their life together and their channel grew larger by the day. Fans loved their interactions with the daughters, challenges, and crazy pranks. Now, they have more than 20 million followers on YouTube.

Their brand name is an abbreviation of their first initials. Those include dad Austin, Mom Catherine, and daughter Elle. Alaia came later, but the name ACE family remained.

The best part is they do not think of themselves as celebrities. While others think they are famous, Catherine and Austin stay grounded.

Net Worth

It is crazy to think these two might not last if Catherine had her way. But here we are, five years after their adventure started. And four years after their first YouTube video. Now, the ACE family’s fortune is more than $14 million.

They earn money through YouTube ad revenue and some sponsorship deals. Their channel has more than 20 million subscribers. And it grows bigger by the day. Each day, they get more than 7,000 new subscribers. So far, they accumulated more than 4.2 billion views.

Their channel brings in $15,000 in revenue per day or $5.5 million per year from ads alone. As a popular couple, Catherine and Austin are also part of the Google Preferred program. There, companies can target ads on the most popular content and pay big money for it.

As for their sponsorship deals, the ACE Family has a deal with The Cooking Fever App, Dollar Shave Club, Best Friends, and more. To top it all, they sell merchandise like hoodies, T-shirts, hats, and more.

Both Austin and Catherine have a solid media presence. She has more than 8 million followers on Instagram and 1.7 million followers on Twitter. And he has more than 7 million followers on Instagram and 1.7 million on Twitter. Even their kids have Instagram accounts with more than a million followers.

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