Where Will a certification in Python Lead You?

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Today, Python is one of the most used and sought after requirements in the IT industry. Every tech-driven company, from large corporations to small startups, give a lot of preference to Python-certified candidates over their counterparts.

Python is a high-level, dynamic, and general-purpose programming language that has been in the market for more than 30 years. It can be used for a wide range of applications – from web and desktop applications to machine learning to network servers and more. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, NASA, Netflix, and Microsoft use Python for their projects.

Why should you go for the Python certification?

  • It is easy to learn – The biggest advantage of going for the Python certification is that the language is easy to learn. It can be used as a stepping stone into other programming languages and frameworks. If you are a beginner and are just stepping into the world of programming, you want to start with a language that is simple to learn. After you are done with the certification, you can explore other languages for broadening your knowledge. This way, you won’t be confined to a single language. 
  • It is versatile – Even though Python is simple enough for the beginners, it does not fall short on the power and resources required for getting the high-level work done. You can use it for doing almost anything. With a certification in your CV, you will be able to find jobs in fields like web development, data science, AI, machine learning, game development, and others. So, if you are unsure about the domain you want to work in, certification is your best bet.
  • It is in increasing demand – The growth of Python can be demonstrated by the fact that several industry leaders use the language as their primary or secondary programming language. The simplicity, innovation, scalability, and user-friendliness it offers also makes it the top choice for several startups. So, with a certification, you will never be out of job opportunities.
  • It has a huge community – A massive community is also what gives Python advantage over other languages. Python has a robust community that will be very handy when you start learning the language or develop a project in it. Any query you have or the technical issue you face, you can seek guidance from hundreds and thousands of community members on forums, social media platforms, and Q&A websites. 

What are the advantages of getting a Python certification?

  • It proves your skills and expertise

Today’s job market has become highly competitive. It is more important than ever to validate your skills in Python and demonstrate your expertise. Potential employers won’t be just looking at your portfolio, but also for ways to validate your knowledge and skills. When it comes to hiring Python programmers, employers often look for certifications for shortlisting candidates. These candidates will have a chance at the next interview rounds where they will be demonstrating your skills. Not having a certification will definitely lower your chances of getting selected in the first round.  

  • It gives you a sense of achievement 

Even if you are an experienced Python programmer who is great at coding, having a sense of achievement as a goal can motivate you to go for that extra mile. Also, since you will be investing your time, money, and efforts for earning the certification, it will give you another chance for checking and validating your skills.

Any learner who wants to get a clear understanding of where they stand on the learning process has to get a certificate. It will help you in evaluating your skills and finding areas where you need to improve. You will also get an overview of your skills profile.

  • It gives you a competitive edge

The demand for Python professionals is exponentially increasing. There is also an increase in the number of programmers and developers competing for the best jobs. Having a certification will help you in standing apart from the pack. It proves to the employers that you have the required expertise and that you are willing to invest in expanding your knowledge. 

When you have a certification, you will become more acceptable to recruiters. As mentioned above, certification is a key requirement for several employers. So, having it in your resume brings you one step closer to better and high-paying jobs.

As a certified professional, you have a competitive edge over your non-certified candidates. Also, you can expect a higher salary and more prestigious positions. Having the certification will be strengthening your skills and position as an expert. It is important to note that even though your CV will reveal the specific skills you have, you will have to prove that. Only a certification can help you with the same, at least during the screening stage. 

  • It helps you bring value to the organization 

Having Python-certified candidates in the company can bring several benefits to it. This is why companies are not only recruiting certified professionals but also encouraging existing employees to get the certification. 

Having a certification is considered to be the benchmark of skills and knowledge that the organizations can incorporate into their framework. Companies want all the members of the team to have the expected level of desired skills. Also, with certified professionals, there will be minimized downtime as they already have the proper skills for dealing with the issues. They will be able to solve complex problems better and faster than their non-certified counterparts. 

With the certification, you will be perfectly suited for bringing efficiency and accuracy to the company. This is the main reason why recruiters want to hire certified professionals.

If you want to take your career to the next level with a higher salary and better job conditions, Python certification is definitely worth it. Some of the top companies in the world use this programming language. It is simple, complete, versatile, and approachable. Also, it is the preferred language for data analysis, data visualization, and machine learning. If you want to work in any of these fields, getting a Python Certification should be your first aim. 

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