New Record Set in Race to Create the Strongest CBD Oil

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The CBD industry has found itself in something of an arms race over the past few years. With hemp biomass and CBD isolate both in much readier supply than they were a couple of years ago – and with downward price pressure exerting its influence on the industry as a whole – CBD brands are highly incentivized to release the strongest CBD oils possible at the most reasonable price points possible.

In the past year, we’ve seen several companies release CBD oils containing 5,000 mg of CBD per 30 ml bottle. Crescent Canna, however, has nearly doubled that amount with a new high-potency CBD oil containing 9,000 mg of CBD. In doing so, Crescent Canna has set a new record for the strongest CBD oil on the market.

As you’re about to learn, creating the strongest CBD oil on the market isn’t just about bragging rights, and it isn’t just about having the ability to put a bigger number on your bottle. In fact, there is a great deal of demand for stronger CBD products, and Crescent Canna stands to reap the rewards for being the first to deliver.

Here’s how the CBD industry got to where it is today.

Why Have CBD Oils Been So Weak Before Now?

CBD oil has been around for quite a while at this point, but the CBD products of the past were typically much lower in strength – and much more expensive – than the products of today. The main issues driving the low potencies and high prices had to do with the challenges associated with growing and processing hemp.

If you’re growing it for CBD extraction, hemp isn’t an easy crop to cultivate. Seeds for CBD-rich female hemp plants can cost $10,000 per pound, and seed fraud has been rampant in the hemp industry. Hemp requires a great deal of water, but it is also susceptible to mold and rot if moisture levels are too high. If you’re harvesting hemp for its CBD content, you only want the flowers – not the stalks – so you need to cut the flowers by hand. It’s a very expensive proposition that usually requires growers to hire extra help. Farmers can’t just decide that they’re going to become CBD hemp growers and get rich; they need to invest a great deal of money and overcome a host of potential problems before they’ll have anything to show for their efforts.

Today, CBD brands have plenty of hemp biomass available, and that’s helped to drive prices down. It took hemp farmers years to ramp up their production to the point where it is today, though, and that served to keep prices high for consumers. CBD brands only had access to so much hemp distillate, and demand for CBD oil was through the roof. CBD brands stretched the available hemp distillate as far as possible by keeping CBD oil strengths low and prices high.

With ample supply of hemp and hemp distillate available these days, retail prices for CBD oil are trending down and are likely to continue doing so.

Why Is There So Much Demand for Stronger CBD Oils?

Two factors have combined to create a high level of demand for stronger CBD oils. The first factor is economical. Although a stronger CBD oil is likely to have a higher price per bottle than a weaker one, the price that you pay per milligram of CBD is much, much lower when you buy a higher-potency product. Even if your intention is to use a low dosage, you’re still going to save money with a higher-strength CBD oil because you won’t have to buy CBD as often as you would if you were using a lower-strength oil.

The second factor driving the uptick in CBD oil strengths is the fact that many people want to use higher dosages of CBD. If you look at studies like this one on CBD for social anxiety, you’re going to find that the researchers who are attempting to determine the potential benefits of CBD are often using much higher dosages than would be practical with a lower-strength product. If you wanted to use the same CBD dosage used in the study above, for instance – and you were using a CBD oil with 1,500 mg of CBD per bottle – you’d have to buy a new bottle of CBD oil every five days. That’s not sustainable for most people.

Why Is It So Difficult to Create a High-Potency CBD Oil?

The quest to create the highest-strength CBD oil on the market is an interesting one because making a CBD oil product with 9,000 mg of CBD in the bottle is much more difficult than it might sound. In the early days of the CBD industry, there was no point in even trying to make such a strong CBD oil because the product would have been too expensive for most consumers to buy. As the wholesale price for hemp biomass – and in turn, CBD isolate – has decreased though, cost is no longer the biggest obstacle. The challenge was to develop a recipe and manufacturing process that could preserve the consistency of such a high-strength product.

If a 30 ml bottle of CBD oil contains 9,000 mg of CBD, that means 30 percent of the bottle by weight is CBD. To manufacture a product with that high of a concentration of CBD required years of R&D and product testing, and the creation of a meticulous process and the utmost precision in every production run.

With the release of their maximum-strength CBD oil, the scientists at Crescent Canna have made an important breakthrough for the CBD industry – and as quickly as the industry is progressing these days, who knows what the future might bring?

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