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Cosmetic Dermatologist to Celebrities: Dr. Simon Ourian

In your search for a medical spa or cosmetic dermatology clinic, you will find that there are many of these facilities to choose from.  In Beverly Hills, for example, on every corner you will find a business offering Botox services.

It is important however that these treatments are performed by professionals with the required expertise and care. Similar to any other medical procedure, you do not want to run real risks with your health.

With so many options you may not know who to trust. An excellent choice would be Dr. Simon Ourian who has earned the trust of a countless number of celebrities, such as the Kardashians and Lady Gaga.

Why Top Celebrities Trust Dr. Simon Ourian

While we all want to protect our health, celebrities have much more at stake when they undergo cosmetic treatments that we do. The paparazzi will spread the news globally in seconds if a mistake should occur. This is why Dr. Simon Ourian has become the celebrity doctor to the stars.

At Epione, Dr. Ourian’s clinic, he offers a wide variety of treatments. It is a medical spa where wrinkle treatments, body contouring, facial contouring, and a range of other options are available.

Not having to search extensively for a trusted provider each time a new service is required, makes this a bonus. His medical spa already has a reputation as being safe yet effective, thanks to Dr. Ourian’s knowledge and expertise.

True Medical Expertise at Epione Beverly Hills

It may seem great on the surface to have so many options for cosmetic dermatology clinics, but closer examination reveals that they have few if any medically qualified staff members. Cosmetic treatments are not necessarily as regulated as expected.

Dr. Simon Ourian and his medical spa, Epione is different. Dr. Ourian himself is a physician who earned a degree in Harvard and completed his residency at UCLA. His extensive background in health care allows him to provide cosmetic treatments, utilizing his medical knowledge and commitment to patient care. In Epione, he is the only one who does injection; this is to ensure that his clients would get the best and accurate results every time.

In Dr. Ourian’s center, you will have access both to medical expertise as well as medical spa services. As you walk into Epione you will feel as if you entered a day spa rather than an intimidating medical building.

Lasers for beauty

The most effective tools used today in cosmetic treatments are lasers. They are used in the treatment of spider veins, sagging skin, wrinkles, unwanted hair, age spots, scars, melasma, and even excess fat.

An incorrectly used laser can result in burns and other side effects. Dr. Ourian ensures quality in the use of lasers, so is considered to be at the cutting edge of the laser field and is appreciated by his patients.

Much of his post-doctoral work has been in aesthetic laser dermatology and this background gives him an in-depth understanding of the most effective use of laser technology on each patient.

Trust Dr. Simon Ourian for Your Cosmetic Needs

When you decide to treat yourself to a cosmetic or beauty treatment, you must be aware that the procedure can affect your health. You, therefore, need to select a provider that you can trust to deliver optimal results.

Dr. Simon Ourian in Action <>

That provider is none other than Dr. Simon Ourian, so schedule your appointment today by contacting Epione Beverly Hills. Visit their website at