This 25-year-old entrepreneur built up a 350-strong sales team!

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When Kinan Salameh founded Scan2Get in December 2019, this concept was still a vision. But within six months, the 25-year-old Augsburger with Syrian roots, who was born with only one arm, managed to build a sales team with 350 Scan2Get partners. He is responsible for the training and provides the sales partners with a high quality product. Kinan Salameh’s goal with Scan2Get is to have a 1,000-person sales team and over 5,000 shops, restaurants and leisure businesses among his customers by the end of 2021. The absolute dream would be to have 10,000 businesses under contract by that time. With the help of this start-up, he aims to achieve eight-digit profits by the coming year.

The 350 Scan2Get sales partners trained so far by Kinan Salameh and his team are currently active in German-speaking countries, the United Arab Emirates and Cambodia. There, with a passive income of 40 % for each contract and for each month of the contractual period, they are generating up to five-digit amounts within two weeks. In addition, the potential of this product is very large, as it solves marketing related problems of owners all over the world and is therefore not only interesting in the aforementioned areas.

But back to Kinan Salameh’s vision with Scan2Get at the end of last year. This is about driving digitalization in shops, restaurants and leisure businesses. By the way, the idea for this came from experiences the 25-year-old had with previously founded start-ups. To be more precise, these are two companies in the gastronomy business, a vegan franchise concept and the largest street food festival in Germany.

Word of the added value of Kinan Salameh’s Scan2Get has spread not only among the 350 trained sales partners and customers to date. Within a few months, this start-up became the market leader for chatbots. In addition, the idea of enabling more efficient and profitable marketing measures in a simple way has already won the awards as top company and top service of this year in Germany. In addition, after the Corona crisis it is generally easier for Scan2Get partners to convince owners of the added value of these products. And this is because even many digitalization refusers now realize how important it is.

By the way, Scan2Get is the fifth start-up that the 25 year old Kinan Salameh has launched. The Augsburg native, who was already involved in city politics, is an active partner in all these companies. At the same time, teamwork is very important to the self-made millionaire. That’s why there are zoom calls for the 350 trained Scan2Get sales partners and apart from that Kinan Salameh has at least one business partner at each company. More information about Scan2Get is available at A visit to is also worthwhile.

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