Yungeen Ace Net Worth – Rapper Turned Podcast YouTube Star

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Yungeen Ace is a Florida-based rapper. He is part of the Yungeen gang. He started releasing tracks in March 2018 on SoundCloud. Born as Keyanta Tyrone Bullard in Chicago, Illinois, he moved to Florida when he was 4. He lived in a big family, along with 11 brothers. That made his life extremely difficult. Now, he can earn some money to help them.

The shooting in 2018 marked his career. He got involved in a tragic shooting but survived it. Keyanta got shot eight times in the chest. After the tragic shooting, he released a couple of tracks. But now, he is most famous for his couples channel Ace and Chloe. He runs it alongside his girlfriend Chloe. As of August 2020, Yungeen Ace cash flow is more than $400,000.

Name:Kenyata Tyrone Bullard
Birthday:February 12, 1998
Net Worth:$400.000
Height:1.78 m
Occupation:American Rapper, YouTube Personality

Career Ups and Downs

Bullard grew up with a single mother. She had to provide food and pay the bills for 12 children. He was one of 12 brothers. During childhood, life was difficult. He moved in and out of various homes. During that time, his father served time in prison. And at the age of 14, things got even worse. Yungeen Ace lost his uncle, a person he considered a family figure.

Following the death of his uncle, he turned to music and street life. The darkness filled his heart and soul. So, Ace started rapping seriously. He used music to vent and tell the story of his life.

Keyanta started uploading videos online in February 2018. Some of his early tracks include No Witness, Find Myself, All In. They gained attention on SoundCloud instantly. In just a few months, these three songs amassed millions of plays.

Yungeen Ace continued uploading videos on SoundCloud up until the tragic incident. On June 5, 2018, he got shot in the chest. Ace got involved with his brother and two close friends in a drive-by shooting. His 19-year old brother Trevon, died as a result. The two friends died as well. Ace survived it, but he was in a critical condition after 8 shots in the chest.

Following the shooting, Ace received support from artists like NBA YoungBoy and Mista Cain. After a few months, he released his debut album, Life of Betrayal. YoungBoy and JayDaYoungman got featured on the project. Singles like Jungle and Pain gained nationwide attention.

Life of Betrayal depicts his lifelong struggle and pain after losing his brothers. The album amassed more than 15 million plays on SoundCloud. Pain led the charge on YouTube with more than 10 million views.

On March 10, 2019, he got involved in another tragic accident. He and his entourage got ambushed at a hotel in Waycross, Georgia. A group of people opened fire against the rapper. Two of his friends got shot and one died. Ace survived the incident unharmed.

Now, he is more of a YouTube star than a rapper. Ace operates a channel alongside his girlfriend Chloe. Titled Ace and Chloe, the channel provides relationship and dating advice to fans. There are also videos showing everyday situations and how to handle them.

Net Worth

Yungeen Ace cash flow is more than $400,000. He amassed most of the money thanks to his YouTube channel and podcast. Fun fact: he earns more money from his Ace and Chloe podcast than from his music.

Their YouTube channel has more than 500,000 subscribers. Ace and Chloe launched their video channel with Questions and Answers video. Their videos include dating advice, questions, and answers videos, but also videos like “10 facts about us”. Chloe and Ace run a mini date vlog as well as vlogs about their shoe collection.

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