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Gabi, or Gabriella DeMartino is a YouTube star. She focuses on fashion and beauty content. Together with her twin sister Niki, she runs the channel Niki and Gabi. The twins have a partnership with Stylehaul. Their videos get featured on AwesomenessTV.

Born in 1995 in Pennsylvania, Gabi started her channel after inspiration by Ariana Grande. She and her sister Niki loved Ariana’s looks. They had a chance to meet the famous singer at a concert. To kick start their business, they moved to Los Angeles.

The two girls published their first video on September 3, 2012. It was a Demi Lovato inspired Curls tutorial. Since then, their channel took off. As of August 2020, Gabi DeMartino’s cash flow is more than $1.5 million.

Fun fact: in one of her vlogs, she revealed she almost went on a date with Justin Bieber. It was back in 2014 when he asked her to join him at a party.

Name:Gabriella Nelida DeMartino
Birthday:May 5, 1995
Net Worth:$1.5 million
Height:1.6 m
Occupation:American Fashion And Beauty YouTube Blogger


Born in 1995, Gabi has a twin sister. But she also has an older sister, Alex, and a younger brother, Anthony. Gabi attended Notre Dame High school and then DeSales University. The twin sister got her major in musical theater.

In September 2012 Gabriella launched the Niki and Gabi channel alongside her twin sister, Niki. At the time, they were at school. The same month, they uploaded their first video, a Demi Lovato inspired curls tutorial. Since then, their channel grew to more than 9 million subscribers. They amassed more than 1 billion views.

The sisters upload anything from makeup tutorials to dating tips. And every now and then, they upload a prank video.

In July 2015, Gabi launcher her individual channel as well. Titled Fancy Vlogs by Gab, the channel features her Get Ready With Me and Gabmas Vlogs. Other popular titles include 24 Hour Challenges. That is one of her most-watched videos, the 24-hour overnight challenge at Walmart.

Gabi is a multi-talented artist. She wrote, directed, produced, and starred in the comedy-horror series Blood Queens. Other credits include If Life Was a Scary Movie, YouTubers React, and Make Mom Over.

She is not only a YouTube star, but she is also a singing star. Gabi sings and writes songs. In 2017, Gabi and Niki started doing song covers. They published their debut single, First, in 2017. Produced by Blaise Delfino, the video was an instant hit.

In July 2018, Gabi and Niki released their debut EP. Featuring 6 tracks, the EP peaked at Number 14 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. The two twins have more than 160,000 monthly listeners on their Spotify account.

As of August 2020, Gabi DeMartino’s fortune is more than $1.5 million. She keeps her love life private. But we know she dated Brandon Grupe, a YouTube star. In 2015, she began a relationship with Collin Vogt, an Instagram star.

Net worth

Gabi and Niki run a YouTube channel with close to 10 million subscribers. They amassed more than 1 billion views so far. They get more than 400,000 views from different sources daily. All that generates more than $1,500 per day. Do the math, and the two sisters earn more than $500,000 per year. And that is from video ads alone.

YouTube stars earn between $2 and $5 per 1000 monetized views. That is after YouTube takes its cut. There are several factors that influence the amount of money people earn. Some factors include the device you play the video, location of the viewer, ad inventory, and more.

Gabi earns money from her channel with Niki, but also from her individual channel. Their joint channel has close to 10 million subscribers. And Gabi has more than 3 million subscribers on her Fancy Vlogs by Gab channel. The young star built a large social media presence on Instagram as well. There, she has more than 4 million followers.

DeMartino generates income from her YouTube channel, but also from sponsored videos and posts. So far, she worked with companies like Audible. As of August 2020, Gabi DeMartino’s wealth is over $1.5 million.

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