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Here’s why Chris Steiner is someone you should keep an eye on!

Chris Steiner is a name that almost everyone in the fitness circuit knows, he is also an entreprenuer and started his journey in 2009 by launching a one of its kind ladies lifestyle club in Vienna, which became attracted a lot of attention due to its uniqueness.

Steiner has also been involved in arranging the Miss Austria and Miss Vienna 2017 elections and has helped celebrities like Silvia Schneider. He not only helps aspirants equip and enter these events but also help them win with his sureshot skills.

Furthermore, in 2017 he also succeeded in winning two elections including the Miss Austria elections with Celine Schrenk and Sarah Chvala respectively.

Chris was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award by the trade magazine Fitness Tribune for his contributions and work. As of now, Chris owns 48 different EMS Clubs in 3 different nations.

With his will to prosper as an entrepreneur, Chris also launched “SLIMANDO”, a one of its kind product helps that activates the metabolism in the human body to help reduce weight. The product consists of a 7-day cure based routine incorporating the popular HCG diet.

If this wasn’t enough, he also owns a lifestyle gym in Leoben which has over 1,360 active members.

Chris Steiner is an inspiration to many and has several other plans to make his personage in the fitness industry.

With his seminars and training, he also continues to coach

people to stay fit and is also helping them with some kickass business ideas to break into the market.