Sergej Heck’s MarketPeak brings a revolution in the fintech sector along with blockchain and cryptocurrency

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The blockchain technology has grown rapidly in the last few years which keeps the records of financial transactions and properties in a secured manner. Along with it, fintech and cryptocurrencies are two other important sectors in today’s time. Many people have invested in the decentralized currency as well as in the fintech sector. Dubai-based company, MarketPeak which was founded in 2019 is focusing on fintech projects that reward their community with the help of tokenized assets. After years of experience, the CEO of the company Sergej Heck decided to make his foray into online entrepreneurship and fintech sector.

By analyzing the problems in the fintech industry, MarketPeak develops innovative solutions for buyers, investors and other companies. Sergej’s firm offers community projects and products which are accessible to large investors. It also has its cryptocurrency named PEAK based on Ethereum Blockchain. MarketPeak offers the customers to invest in the best fintech projects after which the tokenized assets enable the customers to have maximum profits. All one needs to do is register on the website of MarketPeak and then have a look at assets the company already has in place.

From the beginning, it has been a win-win situation for investors and companies which is why there are already 20,000 investors and companies registered on MarketPeak. With the projects, the members of Sergej’s firm also get to participate in various training under highly-qualified professionals in the field of fintech, marketing and sales. Moreover, the profits made through MarketPeak are significantly higher than the traditional investment patterns. The members receive a half of the company’s profits if they have invested in a project from the company.

Not just this, the members and investors are educated under the professional crypto-blockchain schooling where they are given knowledge and made aware of the scams on the internet. The only vision of MarketPeak is to create a decentralised currency. For that, the company is developing a platform called which will be released by the end of this year. “We want to offer all investors a decentralised platform for funds”, said Sergej. In addition to it, MarketPeak is also developing a wallet app that the members can conveniently connect to their ERC20 wallet. The company is targeting to bring 50,000 active users for the app by the end of the year.

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