6 Team Building Event Ideas Your Team Actually Wants to Do

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People sit in a blur banquets.

Are you wanting to boost your team’s spirit? Do you want to find a way to connect with coworkers outside of your ordinary department? If so, then you only need a team building event to do so.

Getting out of the office and mixing up team members will force everyone to meet new people and get to know each other on a more personal level. This will build brand loyalty among your employees and get them more comfortable and confident in the workplace. No matter how different the conditions are, it is always worth betting on every team member’s capabilities. The focus in leadership development thought participative events has increased and will keep doing it. That being said, you should start thinking about how and plan it so you can begin shortly

See below for several team building event ideas that you should consider for your company’s next event.

1. Escape Room

One of the hottest team-building events in the past few years has been arranging a time to take your staff into an escape room. This is especially fun for small businesses that have a low headcount.

The idea of an escape room is simple: get inside and figure out the clues in the room to escape in time. It requires everyone to get involved and delegate the tasks together.

A few people search the room for clues, a few people lay them out to crack the case, and a few people help out wherever they can.

Another fun aspect is that there are different themes you can choose from. Be sure to call your local escape room business, see what themes you can reserve, then have everyone in your office dress accordingly.

2. Office Olympics

If you’ve ever watched The Office before, then you know how fun this idea could potentially be! You can throw a completely original Office Olympics games by creating all the games, props, and prizes yourself (like these medallions).

You get to decide whether you want your Office Olympics to take place inside your company headquarters or outside at a local park.

It can be as easy as sorting different teams and playing different (company safe) sports like kickball, volleyball, cornhole, and so on.

No matter which way you decide to go with it, everyone in the office is sure to have a blast while participating. Even those that don’t want to compete will enjoy watching the different players and teams compete!

3. Virtual Happy Hour

Perhaps you and your team are still working virtually. If that’s the case, then having an in-person event might be out of the question. Even if that applies to your company, it shouldn’t stop you from building office comradery outside of work hours.

One of the best ideas for mingling with your coworkers is by throwing a virtual happy hour for all attendees. This can be a great way to catch up with those you haven’t seen in a while, meet new employees that started during the quarantine, and so on.

You and your company could pay for everyone’s drinks by sending $10 to $12 each to spend however they’d like.

The happy hour doesn’t have to be long. Keep it to 15 minutes or so or as long as it takes for the conversation to dry. Let everyone know that it isn’t mandatory and that they can log off at any time.

4. Go-Kart Outing

Possibly no team-building event will be more exciting than scheduling a go-kart outing for your team. It’s sure to create new bonds and memories that will last forever.

You can call ahead to a local go-kart track and reserve as many go-karts as you need for your employees. Be sure to ask them how many they offer and what would be the best way to split up a larger amount of employees (if needed).

This can also be a great opportunity to cater lunch in for everyone by taking their orders for Jimmy Johns, Subway, etc.

Make sure to reserve enough time for everyone to go-kart at least once. What you will find is that everyone will want to go once, but only a few will want to go a second or third time.

5. Game-Show Night

Do you or your team have a game show that you’re obsessed with? Would you consider your employees to be knowledgeable about certain subjects? Do you all share a love for a franchise such as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

If so, then turn it into a fun game night! This can be done both virtually or in-person and is sure to get everyone involved.

You can decide whether to sort people into teams (try to mix up departments if you do) or have everyone play for themself.

Dress and act like your favorite game host personality in order to add a little more humor to the event. It’s sure to create memories you and your team won’t soon forget.

6. Funny Award Ceremony

Once again taking an idea from the hit-show The Office, you can start an inaugural goofy award ceremony for your team similar to “The Dundie Awards” that they host in the show.

All you need is to create funny awards for every employee such as “the whitest sneakers” award or the “breakroom MVP” award. It’s awesome to use inside jokes for these award titles.

From there, you should create trophies to hand out to all your employees at a restaurant or bar of your choosing. Everyone will be involved, everyone gets an award, everyone has a great time… it’s a simple as that to boost team morale!

Use These Team Building Event Ideas to Your Advantage

Now that you have a few team building event ideas to go off of, it’s time to figure out what event your employees would enjoy most.

Don’t be afraid to compile a few different ideas and present them to a couple of employees that you trust. Have them vote on what idea they think is best and save the rest for later.

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on team building events, as well as many other amazing topics.

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