Fun-Filled Activity in Denver, CO

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You chafe under the idea that a getaway is supposed to have you sitting by a pool, drinking Mai Tais and ordering room service. Instead, you want to live life to the fullest and enjoy the various fun activities offered in the places you visit. As one of the top 10 most fit cities in the USA, Denver, Colorado is the perfect place to host your next active outdoor vacation.

Green Spaces

You don’t expect to find as many parks and recreation areas in a city the size of Denver, but they’ve got plenty. You have several choices ahead of you as to what to do with all that green space. You can take a walk and soak in all the great nature vibes. There are 85 miles of bike trails of varying degrees of difficulty. There are several running clubs you can join or you can run by yourself on the trail of your choice. Several parks feature outdoor workout areas with groups that meet for various kinds of exercise, including the ever-popular yoga.

Zip Lining

When in Denver ziplining, plan for a day filled with fun adventure. Not only do you get the full zip line experience, you get an aerial tour of the beauty that surrounds the city of Denver. So, what’s in the ‘full zip line experience’ you ask. Multiple available courses with different vistas of nature. Each course has multiple zip lines with opportunities to stand on the platforms and take in the view. You’ll have the chance to enjoy heights of anywhere from 30-250 feet, courses with significant drops and zip line racing against your companions. You can also choose to zip line at sunset for an extra-special event.

Fly Fishing

Not many of us think of fishing when we think of city recreation, but Denver’s got it. Grab your fishing license ahead of time so you can get straight to the water either on you own or via one of Denver’s many available guided fishing tours. Of the equipment to remember, the most vital may be your 9-foot fly fishing rod with 5-weight line because it will work the best in the most possible available locations. Don’t forget that the weather can be unpredictable, so layer up and grab your waders to be prepared to catch some trout!

Extreme Sports

With multiple parks catering to a wide variety of interests, extreme sports enthusiasts will love what Denver has to offer. You’ll find parks dedicated to skate boarding, mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding. Additionally, sports like rugby, curling, tumbling and parkour have dedicated space for devotees to play. Into water sports? Denver’s got kayaking, canoeing, tubing and paddle boarding so you can scratch that itch.


Denver has multiple fairways to tempt those who are willing to pack or rent their own clubs. With courses hailed by multiple publications, you’ll find beautiful vistas everywhere you look no matter which PGA great or award-winning course architect laid out your round. Be sure to book your tee time as early as possible, as available slots tend to fill up quickly.

If you haven’t exhausted yourself during the day, Denver has plenty of nightlife from which to choose, too. Restaurants, bars, concerts, arts, professional sports, shopping and tours are all there for your enjoyment. Have fun!

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