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Being a grown-up is more than just reaching a special number and moving away from your family. You will have to know how to handle your budget responsibly, and shopping can seriously damage your weekly budget, so knowing how to spend that money wisely while you’re shopping is necessary. More often than not, you probably discovered heaps of pesky ads and papers that grocery stores send over. You probably scrunched up your face, scrunched up the papers, and subsequently threw them in the trashcan. Prepare to have your mind blown – never throw the weekly ads away! They’re the number one thing you should rely on to help you plan your shopping trips. This article aims to help you understand weekly ads better so you can use them to your advantage.

Discovering weekly ads

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’re probably getting your weekly ads from your mail. Just make sure you don’t throw them away the next time you open up your mailbox, and you’re all set. However, if you never saw anything resembling shopping weekly ads in your mail, then you might have to take some extra steps to find these hidden gems. Your first step is heading over to your nearest Post Office. Once you’re there, ask whether you’re subscribed to these ads, and change it if you’re not. If you’re already subscribed but you’re not receiving the ads, then the problem lies elsewhere, and you’ll have to find a different way to get the ads.

The next step is going to your favorite grocery store. Once you go inside, take a look at the clerk desks. Once you locate the piles of some sort of papers or fliers, you’ve hit gold! Take those papers and you’ll discover that those are in fact the weekly ads you’ve been searching for. If the grocery store does not carry the paper form of weekly ads, worry not, because you still have two options left.

Check whether the store of your choosing has a website. If it does, simply open it up, and the weekly ads should greet you on the very first page. You might need to dig around some more, but they should be there. By using online weekly ads, you won’t create additional garbage problems when the ads expire, and you’ll always be able to check them on your phone when you’re already in the store. Finally, if the store does not have a website, no weekly ads, and you don’t receive anything in your mail, just ask the manager of the store whether they can help you out. If anyone knows how to solve this issue, it’s them!

How to use weekly ads to your advantage

Good job, you got the weekly ads you’ve been searching for all this time! But what to do with this heap of paper you’re holding in your hands? Don’t worry, wrapping your head around the ads is a simple task. You have to know what you’re looking at, how to use that to your advantage, and you’re all set. Before you run to the store to buy everything on sale, carefully plan your trip. Write down what you really need for your household, don’t indulge just because the items are cheap. Remember that weekly ads do not equal coupons. Coupons are used once you reach the end of your shopping trip – the clerk will scan your coupon, and you’ll save some cash, and that’s it.

On the other hand, weekly ads show you which items are on sale, on promotions, and much more. The useful information you need from those papers are the location of the store, the working hours, the acceptable paying methods, and of course the discounted items.

Some ads come packed with extra goodies, like coupons, recipes, and buy one get one free product. Be careful around BOGO products though – you can actually spend more money by thinking you’ve bought excellent products because these items are faulty or nearing their expiry date.

Use the ads to your advantage by writing down what you need, carrying the papers with you, planning your meals according to the discounts, or you can just use handy grocery apps that let you write all of these things down, and they come with some extra cool features that make shopping even more fun.

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