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Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas – How to Host the Perfect Party

Fortnite officially got out in 2017. The battle royale, the most popular mode of the game, came a bit later. More than three years since the debut, the game has many fans expecting new events and major rewards. Fortnite is now one of the most popular games worldwide.

But it is more than a computer game. Fortnite serves as an inspiration for many events and parties. Today, we will talk about Fortnite birthday party games. Fortnite opened the door for companies to work by making Fortnite inspired events. Many companies like airballingla organize Fortnite parties with real-like equipment from the game.

How can you turn the popular game into an actual birthday party? Read on to find out. Kids get to reenact the game with Nerf Guns, Chalk Bombs, Smoke Bombs, and loots all over the place.

Companies that offer birthday parties supply everything you need like equipment, setup, and even a Fortnite coach to run the party. You can create most of the setup at home. And if you need help from a Fortnite birthday party company, you can find them online.

What do you need for hosting a Fortnite Birthday Party?

Well, you have to start with party invitations. And you can make them Fortnite-inspired. From there on, you have to set up a perfect environment for kids to play. You will need to get equipment like Nerf Guns and Chalk bombs. There are also other aspects of Fortnite party ideas.

By the middle of the party, your gamers will run low on life force. They will get exhausted. That is the moment when you need to come to the rescue with a loot drop. You can make it official with themed containers or favor bags tied to latex balloons. If you want to take things to the next level, personalize the favor bags with the kids’ favorite game character names.

Your Fortnite party is not complete until you throw in some balloon garland. Make sure the balloons fit the style and theme of the game. You can make a garland of blue, teal, purple, and green balloons.

And if your birthday party lasts the whole weekend, you can cap it off with a Fortnite sleepover. The best Fortnite setup includes makeshift tents, loads of party favors, and a streaming wall. Do not forget Fortnite pillows. Using Llama Pinata pillows to follow the theme of the party.

Another idea is to organize a Game Time Sleepover. Make the setup for a sleepover, and supply equipment for playing the game online. Do this and you will win parent of the year award.

Best Fortnite Party Ideas

Setting up a Fortnite party is not all about the environment where your kids can play. It is also about the food they eat. And hey, Fortnite birthday party ideas are not just for little kids. It is for kids of all ages. Here are some ideas on how to provide the ideal Fortnite birthday party supplies.

Loot Llama Cake

The Loot Llama is the most famous part of Fortnite. Even people that do not play the game know about the Loot Llama. So, it is time to turn it into a giant cake. You can even put treats inside to give it a piñata feeling.

Fortnite Party Drink

For your beverages, we suggest Chug Jug party drinks. Grab some barrel drinks and make Chug Jugs. Print out the labels and you are ready to go.

Party Food

The cake is the last thing you will eat at the party. You also need something to keep you energized by the time the cake arrives. For the party food, we suggest edible rescue rope. By adding a label to party food, you can turn it into a genius idea. Printable food labels with red licorice provide excellent party food for a Fortnite party.

Cake Pops

If you don’t want to cut a cake, you can go for some creative cake pops. They take some skill to recreate, but the result is amazing.

DIY Fortnite Med Kit Treats

Treats are mandatory during any party, let alone a Fortnite inspired party. For an easy dessert, take some fruit roll-ups, rice Krispies, and white icing. And turn them into med kit treats.

What is so special about a Fortnite Birthday Party?

As you can see, there are many different Fortnite party ideas you can pull off. But should you encourage your kid to play more games online? Well, there are some benefits of Fortnite. A study revealed that words from Fortnite can serve as a gateway for teachers to gain the attention of kids. Yes, you read that right. Some teachers encourage the Fortnite used for education movement.

The logic is that words from Fortnite instantly gain the kid’s attention span. Their brains are semi-alert when they get engaged in a passive action. They can zone out during the lecture. But words from Fortnite instantly turn their attention towards the lecture.

And that is not the only thing why you should encourage Fortnite games and plays. The game is fun and lets your kids burn some energy. And if you like to be the parent of the year, a Fortnite birthday party will do the trick.