Diesel Generator Efficiency: 3 Things You Need to Know

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Are you a small business owner concerned with losing power in the next power blackout? Do you run a contracting business and find yourself on remote job sites with unreliable power sources? Or are you a large hospital and must ensure constant power to avoid catastrophic consequences from power loss?

If you need to ensure a reliable and efficient source of power for your business, then you might need a diesel generator. Determining diesel generator efficiency goes far beyond simple fuel costs and purchasing price. Keep reading to learn all about why a diesel generator can save you money in the long run.

1. Higher Price Doesn’t Mean Higher Long-Term Costs

Diesel fuel might cost more to purchase per gallon than natural gas. However, in the long run, the extreme efficiency of burning diesel over natural gas makes it more cost-efficient.

Comparing a diesel vs gas generator can be like comparing apples and oranges. Both are good fuel sources but it really depends on which one you like better. Both have great features, but for each situation and job site you find yourself in, you’ll have different needs and different resources available for you.

As any commodities speculator can tell you, the price of fuel sources can change at a moment’s notice. Don’t let today’s prices of fuel dictate your choice for your generator purchase. Instead, take the longer-term view to help make your decision.

2. Reliability Will Affect Your Efficiency in the Long Run

Diesel engines last longer, run for longer time periods, and require less maintenance. For these reasons, when you look at long term efficiency diesel generators win out every time.

Additionally, because you know diesel generators have a long lifespan, you can rest easy looking at saving money by purchasing used. In fact, finding used generators for sale can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for due to their high demand.

A used diesel generator can not only save you money in the initial purchase but also save money through saved long-term expenses and maintenance.

3. Versatility Improves Diesel Generator Efficiency

You never know what your next job site will look like, what utilities you will have access to, or where it will be. Don’t risk finding yourself stuck on a remote job site with lackluster utility access.

Additionally, some remote locations require a versatile and large power source. In a place like remote Alaska, the long cold winters require many towns to rely on energy sources such as diesel generators. They have found that they are cost-effective and reliable even some of the coldest environments in the world.

Improve Efficiency With Diesel

When you have a diesel generator that you can bring to any job site, you will find a reliable, versatile, and efficient source of energy. As you can see there are many factors for determining diesel generator efficiency.

Don’t limit your choices by only comparing the cost of the generator or current fuel prices. Whether you only need it for backup purposes, or you plan to use it as your main energy source, a diesel generator can be a valuable asset for your business.

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