What Is the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana?

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Have you ever wondered what the difference between hemp and marijuana is? If so, we are here to give you an in-depth look at hemp and marijuana so you can decide which bud is the best for you to smoke.

If you don’t like the intoxicating effects of THC then smoking a hemp bud is the way to go. If you didn’t know you could keep reading below to find the answer to, “What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?”

What Is Hemp?

The term “hemp” is used to categorize different varieties of cannabis. These varieties will contain less than 0.3 percent of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This content will be determined by the dry weight of the hemp.

In 2018 the Agricultural Act passed and stated that hemp has been describing non-intoxicating cannabis for some time. It goes onto say that hemp is harvested for industrial uses of derived products. One popular product you may know that falls into this category is CBD.

Hemp has been around for thousands of years and many believe that hemp was one of the first plants cultivated by man. Even though CBD can be derived from hemp, that’s not its only use.

For hundreds of years, hemp has been used to make things such as textiles, building materials, foods, paper, and even body care products.

What Is Marijuana?

Marijuana is also used to classify cannabis. Marijuana classifies cannabis that contains more than 0.3 percent of THC by dry weight.

Marijuana can have euphoric effects on the user when smoked or taken. Marijuana is a well-known term in many cultures across the world. Usually, there is some negativity surrounding marijuana and this leads to misrepresentation of the herb.

Years ago marijuana wasn’t used to describe cannabis with more THC than hemp. In fact, it was referred to as cannabis.

Can You Smoke Hemp?

Now you may be asking yourself, “Can you smoke hemp?” The short answer to this question is yes, but you just can go and grab a hemp textile from your house and start smoking it.

The part of the hemp plant you can smoke is the bud. If you choose to smoke the hemp bud then you won’t be getting the same intoxicating effects as smoking marijuana since there is less THC present.

You will also be smoking the bud from the CBD hemp plant strains. You won’t want to smoke the hemp that is fibrous and used in industries such as textiles.

When smoking hemp buds you’ll notice that they are smaller than marijuana buds, have less odor, and is legal in states where marijuana isn’t. The best part is that hemp buds will provide you with the same medicinal benefits of marijuana without the high.

When it comes to smoking hemp buds you would do it the same as smoking marijuana buds. Grab a pipe and put your dried flower in. or even roll a joint.

Can You Smoke Marijuana?

The main use of marijuana for years has been to smoke it. In a few states, marijuana is legal and can be grown and bought without any illegal consequences.

Marijuana’s most popular way to be consumed is to smoke. Thanks to legalization in a few states and advanced technology, smoking isn’t the only way to reap the THC benefits of marijuana flowers.

You can now buy edibles such as candies, sodas, and baked goods that contain the THC content of the marijuana flower. Some people even smoke a concentrate out of an electronic cigarette to get their high.

What’s the Difference Between CBD in Each Plant?

Both hemp and marijuana produce CBD. With that said, the CBD produced isn’t the same between the two.

Hemp naturally has more CBD than marijuana. This makes it a great source of CBD and also will allow the user to avoid the intoxicating effects that marijuana CBD may have.

A big plus to hemp CBD is that it’s legal after extraction. Marijuana CBD is illegal after extraction if marijuana isn’t legal in your state. Also, the CBD extracted from marijuana will have high TCH levels and may cause intoxicating effects on the user.

What Is the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana?

Both hemp and marijuana are from the same plant family. Even though they are from the same plant species doesn’t mean they have the same cannabinoid concentrations.

Marijuana and hemp to vary a bit in levels of THC and even CBD. Even though the main difference between the two may seem as if it’s the THC content you should think again.

The word hemp is used to classify the cannabis plant that can be made into food and textiles. Marijuana is given to the plant when it’s grown to enhance its chemicals such as the THC it holds.

All in all, hemp will not get you high and can be turned into items that can be sold. On the other hand, marijuana will give you intoxicating effects and can be sold as is in certain states.

The Confusion Surrounding the Two

When it comes to both hemp and marijuana it’s easy to see how similar they are and the difference between them is really how much THC is present in the dried product. In other words, hemp won’t get the user high and marijuana will.

When we are forced to categorize cannabis into one of two categories it allows a skewed portrayal of the plant itself. This leads to users not fully understanding what each plant is.

In other words, the way cannabis is classified is like classifying all fruit as either sweet or sour. This means that the characteristics of each fruit (or flower when looking at cannabis) are overlooked and ignored.

Another confusing thing about hemp and marijuana is that by just looks it can be easy to confuse the two. This lead to several arrests over legal hemp due to the assumption that its illegal marijuana in past years.

The 4 Main Differences Between Hemp and Marijuana

You now know what hemp and marijuana are and some slight differences between the two. Below we are going to look at the 4 main differences between hemp and marijuana to get a better picture.

1. Not Legal in Every State

In most states marijuana is illegal where hemp is legal. This is due to the THC content of each strain. In the 1970s hemp was considered an illegal substance until 2018 when the Agricultural Act was passed.

2. They Both Have Different Growing Conditions

Since marijuana and hemp are both grown and harvested for different purposes they both require different growing conditions. When it comes to marijuana, this plant is grown in highly controlled settings that are made to yield a high harvest and high THC content.

Also, marijuana plants must have a close eye kept on them at all times. Each stage of the plant’s life will require a grower tending to its needs and making sure to tweak any environmental factors such as light and heat when needed.

In contrast, growing hemp isn’t as hands-on. Unlike marijuana, hemp is grown for size and not the yield it will produce. To get bigger hemp plants they are usually grown outside and don’t require environmental controls.

3. The Composition is Different

The composition may be the biggest defining difference between hemp and marijuana. When we say composition we don’t mean just the look and feel of the buds and flowers but really what they are made of inside.

Each plant has a different chemical composition and they can both produce high amounts of CBD. THC is a different story and even though hemp can’t contain more than 0.3 percent, marijuana can be composed of up to 30 percent THC.

4. Usage for Both is Different

It’s no secret that hemp and marijuana have different purposes. Marijuana is used to get high and to help people get through pain and sicknesses. Temp is used to produce goods that can be used in the everyday world.

Now You Know the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana

When looking at a hemp bud and marijuana bud with the naked eye they may seem to have little differences. You now know that isn’t true and hemp and marijuana have several differences under the surface.

You know that you can smoke hemp without having the intoxicating effects of THC and you even know the four main differences between the two flowers. Overall, now you can confidently answer the question of, “what is the difference between hemp and marijuana?” For more news and information be sure to check out the rest of our website.

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