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Does Blood Flow Affect Hair Growth? Everything You Need to Know

Hair growth is an important topic to discuss when trying to understand what is causing your hair loss. Did you know that blood flow can affect your hair growth and overall health? Several studies testify to the relationship between hair growth, hair loss, and blood flow. Studies show that that enhanced blood leads to better growth of hair and minimizes hair loss.

In this article we are going to discuss everything you need to know and tips that you can use to increase hair growth on the scalp.

Blood Flow and Hair Growth

Blood flow in the human body is an internal vehicle that carries vital nutrients to areas of the body that need them most. As a general principle, the direction of blood flow in the body determines what it carries. For example, blood that flows toward the kidneys takes impurities with it that are filtered off. Similarly, blood flowing toward the lungs carries a mass of carbon dioxide that goes out when we exhale. Blood that flows to our vital organs, skin, and the scalp on our heads, all carries a mass of oxygen and nutrients.

When you talk about your scalp, poor blood flow can result in the most dreaded problem, hair loss. This is one reason why you see supermarket shelves lined with shampoos promising increased flow of blood to your scalp. Improved blood flow offsets your premature loss of hair and strengthens your hair follicles for better growth.

Is Blood Circulation Important for Hair Growth?

Blood circulation is a vital factor in the process of hair growth. If blood fails to reach the hair follicles in your scalp in a sufficient quantity, your hair follicles wither and die.

On the contrary, if your blood circulation to the scalp is good, your hair follicles will receive all the necessary minerals, nutrients, and oxygen. The result will be healthy, strong, and steady hair growth.

What Happens in Poor Blood Circulation?

Your scalp poses the toughest challenge when it comes to maintaining the healthy level of blood circulation. There are two primary reasons for poor blood flow in your scalp:

  • Your scalp’s blood circulation is at the farthest distance from your heart.
  • Your scalp is not the most active part of your body.

Thus, when there is an insufficient circulation of blood to your scalp, your hair roots experience malnourishment, and the follicles die in starvation. One major reason why you experience slow growth or hair loss is the lack of proper blood circulation. This is often a cause that is not clearly evident, but once you recognize it, there is plenty you can do to fix it.

Tips to Increase Blood Flow

Laser Caps

A laser cap, also known as a laser hat for baldness, is an FDA-cleared medical device designed for men and women struggling with hair loss. These devices are equipped with low level light therapy that is emitted through laser diodes to stimulate the tissue in the scalp. This therapy treatment is used to encourage new and healthy growth in the hair follicles stuck in the telogen stage of the hair growth cycle. It is also used to increase the strength and thickness of existing follicles.

These devices are made for convenient, at home use. This means that you can complete the treatment therapy in the comfort of your own home whenever and wherever you want. Clinical trials and research studies have proven that this device is a safe and effective way to regrow the hair follicles.


There are other ways for stimulating blood flow in your scalp. Garlic is a super helpful ingredient since it contains allicin, a compound that promotes blood flow in the scalp. Vitamin E and Selenium present in garlic also boost circulation.

You can make a concoction using olive oil and garlic at home and apply it to your scalp a couple of times a week. The difference will soon be evident.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is also beneficial for improved blood flow. It contains antioxidant properties that boost blood circulation in your scalp, eliminating radicals that stunt your hair growth. You must, therefore, eat foods rich in Vitamin E, including tofu, avocado, sunflower seeds, almonds, pumpkins, broccoli, and olive oil.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are extremely effective when trying to improve the overall health of your hair. They contain properties that are great for moisturizing, improving circulation and increasing hair growth. If you are looking for essential oils to increase blood flow in the scalp, consider using peppermint and rosemary oils.


Blood circulation is the number one essential requirement for good hair growth. Proper blood flow aids your stem cells and encourages the growth of new and healthy hair. The existing hair follicles also strengthen, and the likelihood of hair loss begins to minimize as your circulation keeps improving.