Easy Cleaning Tips for Your Maid

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How do you clean your home? Don’t be surprised, you have been cleaning your home wrongly. You can have your home seamlessly clean as you wipe out whatever is making your house messy. A messy home is quite unappealing. Unfortunately, your busy schedules leave you with no time to attend to your home. Putting effort is needed to keep your home clean and fresh, all though it can be a considerable challenge. This article provides cleaning tips for you and your maid to keep your home clean while spending the least time. 

Clear the Dust from Your House

You should dust each of the rooms in your house, including the upper sides of your furniture, below the shelves and the handrails. Also, work on the TV screens, pictures, frames, and decorations. Dry dusting is better and easy to manage. However, to get rid of any fingerprints, you can dampen the microfiber cloth with warm water. It will be essential to pay attention to the top of the furniture. This is the part where many people tend to forget. Unfortunately, it is the point where the dust collects and then keeps falling off.

Come Up with an Organized System

Introducing a system that works effectively for your house is essential in cleaning as efficiently as possible. Organization means getting things done in a particular order. It can also mean keeping all your cleaning supplies at one point, possibly in your cleaning caddy. You can sort out your supplies according to the function they perform. You can also have the surface cleaning tools and multitasking tools as a simple way of organizing your tools. Once you have all the supplies to do the clean-up, it is time to come up with a cleaning system. It would be best if you carried out cleaning, starting from the top to the bottom, and starting from the right to the left in the room you are cleaning.

Remove the Litter around Your House

While carrying out the cleaning, it would be easier to do it if you remove all litter from the floor. You can also remove larger items, including tables, chairs, floor mats, and even emptying the empty trash bins. With a clear floor, you can work faster without leaving the place they occupy unattended. Once through, you will need to re-organize as it was initially. That makes the place clean and also presentable. However, it would be best if you took some time to allow the floor to dry up and avoid placing the items on wet surfaces.

Get Designated Storage for Your Accessories in Your House

Getting items, bins, and boxes designed for storage makes it easy to organize your house. Every item belongs to a given place. You can use the bins for temporary storage as the items wait to be moved to their rightful place. It will help your house to be organized for long since the items won’t have to be picked daily.

Identify Suitable Cleaners for Your House

Use of cleaners works. You can decide to use lemon juice or vinegar to do the cleaning. Irrespective of the cleaner you choose, it is advisable to spray it and let the spray do the work. Give it time to soak as you do other activities. As you do other things, the surfaces will absorb it, making it easier to clean your surfaces with much ease. Everyone would love it that way. Living in a clean home gives you the comfort you need.

Clean Your Kitchen

Your microwave ovens will get dirty and grimy. Therefore, you shouldn’t forget to carry out cleaning these surfaces with water and vinegar. However, it is a light task that should only take two minutes. Using hot water to soak the patches on the surface will make the wiping easier. The vinegar is essential in sanitizing the microwave and helping to deodorize the microwave surface.

Give Your House a New Smell

After the cleanup, isn’t it wonderful to give a new smell to your home? An air freshener will give your home a unique fragrance that makes it full of life. You can choose a suitable freshener that works for your house. Natural fresheners also go a long way in breathing freshness to your house. Avoid fresheners that smell like chemicals. You can be creative enough to come up quickly with good smelling agents at the comfort of your home and with least cost.

The Electronics in the House Should Also Be Cleaned

You should turn off the gadget and use a dry piece of clothing to wipe it on the screen. If possible, get the cloth damp with distilled water and an equivalent amount of vinegar. Never spray the screen directly.

Don’t Forget Cleaning the Toilet

Keeping your toilet germ-free and clean can be a hard task. However, it is necessary. You should start by working on the outer part and finalize with the toilet bowl. It is essential to ensure all the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. The tools used for cleaning the toilet shouldn’t be used for cleaning any other part of the house.

Dress for the Task

Appropriate dressing while cleaning is vital. You should wear flat and supportive shoes. The clothes should be machine washable. You should have a particular outfit to be worn during that specific task. Also, wear protective clothing, including gloves, in case you intend to use bleaching chemicals.


These tips in this article are handy in helping you to keep your home clean and habitable. Also, they help you keep your home less cluttered. Keeping your home clean comes with tons of benefits. However, cleaning regularly can be time-consuming. Having a full time maid will be a help to ensure that your house will always be clean. Offering them rewards for a job well done will also boost their efficiency and providing them insurance will give them more peace of mind, click here for more info about maid insurance.

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