5 Helpful Tips to Read Faster and Comprehend the Material

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Regardless of whether you’re a student or well-involved in your career, being a fast reader is a valuable skill for increasing productivity. The average business person spends 25% of their workday reading information material.

By learning to read faster, your work becomes more efficient, less stressful, and likely more enjoyable.

To help build these skills, we’ve compiled five helpful tips to boost your reading comprehension and speed.

1. Preview the Text 

Before diving into the reading material, make sure you preview the text first. This can help you build your expectations and give a base understanding of what you’re about to read.

To correctly preview the text, read the summary or “about” section first. Then scan it from the beginning to end and pay attention to all headers and sub-headers. 

2. Don’t Read Every Section 

It’s a myth that you have to read every section to comprehend the material. Especially for dense reading material, reading every word and section can bog down the reader. It’s unnecessary, and it takes far too long.  

Instead, read the introduction, conclusion, and headers. These sections are consistently considered the “meat” of the reading and should be prioritized. 

Selective reading saves tremendous time, and you’ll still be able to comprehend the material. 

3. Get Rid of Distractions 

One of the biggest enemies of reading comprehension is distractions. Whether you’re in a busy coffee shop or office, you need to make sure that you stay focused when you read. 

Stopping every minute because of a distraction is not helpful in comprehending what you read. Have intention and understand that your focused mind is essential for productive reading. 

Try to find a quiet place and to tell those around you that are busy to reduce potential interruptions.

4. Try and Read in Phrases 

If you want to read faster, try reading the text in phrases rather than as individual words. It may seem strange, but your eyes can read up to nine words at once. 

You should use this to your advantage by looking at every 5th word in a sentence. This allows your brain to take in more at once, saving tons of time. 

It’s important to remember that this is a skill that must be practiced to be effective. So, be patient as you work your way through. 

5. Read Frequently

Ever heard the phrase practice makes perfect? It may sound cliché, but the best way to get faster at reading and comprehension is to read more frequently. Read in your free time and practice your skills. 

You can also test your reading speed to measure your improvement over time.

Setting goals for yourself and carving out time each week to focus on reading can help create a disciplined routine. 

And if eye strain is ever an issue, check out some of the best reading glasses that can help ease the strain on your retina while you read.

Now You Know Some Tips to Read Faster

No matter where your reading skills are now, these five tips will be game-changers in helping you read faster while maintaining comprehension. There’s no reason to spend hours trying to read one single material of reading.

It’s a huge time waster and will only cause you frustration. By consistently practicing these tips, you will see major improvements over time. Remember, it’s about working smarter, not harder!

And if you’re looking to build life skills beyond reading, check out some of the other helpful blogs on our site, including some great articles on business and technology!

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