Digital Marketing Entrepreneur Attributes His Success to Overcoming Stress

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Abdelkader Bachr is a digital marketing genius. He became a millionaire at age 23 because his digital marketing techniques are effective at growing businesses and making them more profitable. But that doesn’t mean his own journey to entrepreneurial success has been an easy one. Bachr has had to overcome a lot of stress and anxiety to achieve the success that he has today. 

In the business world, the pressure can be overwhelming for a lot of new entrepreneurs who’ve never dealt with so much stress and anxiety before. That is why so many entrepreneurs quit their startups after the first year because they cannot handle their failures emotionally. When the mind starts to burnout from mental exhaustion, it causes the body to experience physical exhaustion. That is when the stress takes over and limits your capacity to thrive. 

Handling The Tension 

Bachr taught himself how to deal with stressful situations and not let them limit his capacity for greatness. All he does is focus on his biggest obstacle in life and then devises a plan to remedy the problem. A lot of people focus on too many of their problems at once, which is why they get stressed out so much. It is better to focus on one problem at a time. Once that problem is solved, you simply move onto the next problem and do the same thing.

“If things get too overwhelming in life, I recommend taking a break from your troubles by engaging in something relaxing or satisfying,” Bachr said in an interview. “For me, I like to travel, meditate, and exercise as a way to escape my stress for a while. You’d be amazed at how much better you will feel afterwards.” 

Of course, it does take more than stress relief to achieve success in business. Bachr would never have been successful if he wasn’t a determined entrepreneur. He was always passionate about digital marketing and knew that he could make it thrive as a profitable business model. Even when things got tough along the way, he never gave up on his goals. That was the most important lesson of all from his entrepreneurial journey. 

Words Of Advice

“No matter how tough things get, do not give up on your goals,” Bachr said. “If you have to find a mentor who can guide you through times of difficulty and uncertainty, then do it. A mentor is someone who has already been on a similar journey as you and can help lead you down the proper path. They can provide you with enthusiasm and optimism so that you’ll never even think about giving up ever again.”

Every entrepreneur has goals they want to achieve. If something tries to stop them from achieving those goals, it is called an obstacle. All entrepreneurs have dealt with obstacles before. It is the way you get around those obstacles that will determine your level of success. If you let the obstacles stop you, then you will fail. But if you keep going and put up a fight, you will persevere. If Bachr never had this mentality, then he never would have risen up from humble beginnings and become a millionaire.  

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