How Danny Mowlds’ Cali Cave Became a VIP Hotspot

The Cali Cave is a private members club specialising in exotic cannabis strains. Popular amongst various high-profile members of the hip-hop community, it now has branches in La Fuente, Orihuela and Benidorm. The enterprise is owned by Danny Mowlds who runs two of Europe’s largest cannabis coffee shops, a clothing line and a record label.

A growing trend

The cannabis social club trend has shown considerable growth in Spain over recent years. The Cali Cave offers rare strains from leading Californian growers alongside offerings from highly rated Spanish and UK growers. Rappers that have visited Cali Cave include Icy Narco, Meekz Manny, Charlie Sloth and INK, with many of these posting about it on their social media pages. As the club offers unique strains unavailable elsewhere in Europe, it’s no surprise to see it become such a favourite amongst so many well-known names.

The new Amsterdam?

Spain is now giving Holland a run for its money due to the calibre of its cannabis social club scene, with many of the strains not even being available in Amsterdam. Passionate strain hunters are now travelling from across Europe to visit The Cali Cave. Cannabis socials clubs are sometimes referred to as ‘Teapads’. They enable smokers to engage in their hobby in a communal area and bond with others.

Exclusive sought-after strains

The Cali Cave menu is frequently updated, and it’s often possible to see 50 different strains available. Each location comes complete with a wide range of facilities, and these include pool tables, streaming services like Netflix, live music, arcade games and more.

Why the clubs are legal

A growing number of cannabis clubs enabling customers to smoke weed legally have appeared in Spain over recent years. Although there were just 40 cannabis members clubs in Spain ten years ago, this has now swelled to more than 800. Cities like Barcelona are now rivalling Amsterdam as the most exciting places for smokers to visit. The clubs are allowed to operate thanks to a Right to Privacy law. This enables people in Spain to engage in a wider range of activities as long as they are conducted in private. The Rights to Associations allows individuals to meet up with others and smoke personal amounts of cannabis behind closed doors. Some of these clubs have more facilities than others.

Joining cannabis social clubs

Those that wish to join cannabis social clubs like The Cali Cave are normally required to contact staff via their websites or Facebook pages. Visitors are usually expected to show ID when they enter the premises, with most clubs having a 21+ age policy. You don’t need to be a Spanish resident to join most of the country’s cannabis clubs. These clubs are welcoming growing numbers of British tourists through their doors each year. Membership fees cover the cost of entry and the cannabis itself. Venues like The Cali Cave have been compared to nightclubs due to the vast range of entertainment facilities on offer. The Cali Cave has won glowing reviews on various online sites. It has frequently been complimented for its welcoming atmosphere, the friendliness of its staff, its wide range of facilities and the high number of strains available.

Cannabis laws around the world

Spain is just one of many countries with an increasingly tolerant approach to cannabis use. The first country to legalise recreational cannabis use was Uruguay back in 2012. One of the main reasons for this was to regulate the product and remove power from organised gangs. It wasn’t long before the Washington State and Colorado decided to legalise cannabis for non-medicinal use, with then-President Obama allowing states to look at new approaches to dealing with cannabis use. It’s now possible to use cannabis for medicinal purposes in more than 30 states. Canada legalised the sale, possession and recreational use of cannabis a few years ago, and it’s expected that Mexico will legalise cannabis in 2020. In Brazil, Portugal and Jamaica, it is no longer illegal to possess small amounts of cannabis, and South African citizens are also able to use cannabis in private places.

With its VIP guests, enthusiastic reviews and the buzz around the venues growing all the time, it seems Cali Cave has a very bright future ahead of it.


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