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Gig Apps that Pay You to Get Healthy 

In modern times we have seen the best of this gig economy that provides a wide range of flexible and temporary jobs. Several gig apps get people to run errands, take part in one physical activity or the other, and earn money.

These gig apps will customize your errands to your immediate city and pay more than most fitness apps are paying.

If you are open to making a substantial amount of money while improving your health, then several gig apps offer the opportunity to start that side hustle that is totally in your best interest. 

Here is a list of some gigs that you should consider, as well as their features. 

  • Postmates 

Postmates is a delivery app that allows you to order a wide range of stuff such as groceries, alcohol, clothes, food, and the likes.

When a person makes such orders on the postmates app, a postmates courier is directed to deliver the orders to the relevant houses and earn money for making these deliveries.

The courier person can either walk to the delivery location, drive or ride a bike to make these deliveries and get paid for doing so.

This app is available in many cities within the United States and is a viable means for the fitness enthusiast to make money from walking or cycling to make deliveries 

One thing that’s great about this part is that it is quite easy to make deliveries within a close range for you in your spare time.

Some downsides to the app, however, are that jobs are not always available in one’s immediate environment. The amount you earn is also highly dependent on delivery location and sometimes prime time. 

  • Rover 

This non-demand app serves as a link between dog owners and dog sitters or walkers interested in taking care of dogs for a fee.

Walking dogs is a quite common part-time job but Rover makes it easier and more lucrative to take up.

Dog walkers are paid for their services hourly and are expected to be dog lovers, and also open to walking dogs in all conditions. 

If you are already a dog owner or dog lover, or you enjoy taking walks yourself, this side hustle is a win-win for you because you engage in something you enjoy and still get paid doing it.

The average estimated pay to walk dogs on Rover is $16 per hour and it makes it one of the most common ways to start a side hustle

You can use the Rover app in Canada, the U.S, U.K, and some European countries. 

  • Bellhops 

This app is for adults who don’t mind some simple physical work and earn some money for it.

Bellhops connect its users over 18 to provide local moving services to people in their cities or communities. Movers who don’t want to engage the services of moving companies get linked up to persons who don’t mind doing some heavy lifting and moving for the homeowner. 

When you sign up on this app you can choose your preferred areas of coverage where you want to get jobs. You can also select your preferred work time and make, claim, and track appointments.

  • HouseKeeper 

This gig connects you to homeowners who need housekeeping services and people to take care of their homes when they go on short trips. 

If you are open to earning some money from housekeeping then you should sign up on the app and fill in your details listing housekeeping and any other job as your interest to let people know what you are out to make.

  • Gig Walk

This app pays you for walking and carrying out errands for politics

Once you register on Gig walk, look out for jobs you can complete for people within your area, and get walking. 

You might also be able to verify your business hours and provide information about places and area and get paid for such services.