How David Phan Is Changing The Dynamics of Digital Marketing

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Being in the limelight as an individual or a business is something very unpredictable and inconsistent. There’s a long path that you must take, study, practice, and provide a solution to society. It may not be everyone’s cup of coffee to dedicate time and resources to develop in a specific field, and yet get recognized. However, with the accessible options in hand, one can carve a career out of them. Hard to believe? Well, this is how, David Phan, the founder, and CEO of Phaners, has taken lessons from the internet and took the internet by storm.

About David Phan and Phaners

Among the few businessmen the world has to offer, some are born business prodigies. David Phan, a serial entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada, has assisted businesses to generate over 400% revenue with digital marketing and made Phaners, one of Toronto’s fastest-developing digital marketing companies. David Phan has business acuity and is well-experienced in the digital marketing and PR fields. Phaners’ specialization has been a genuinely revolutionized form of Public Relations Marketing, giving clients unmatched attention to detail campaigns, custom-made to specific goals. Be it sales, influence, credibility, or even brand authority, Phaners has the potential to build brands out of businesses. The same strategy that David has used to back up Phaners with a strong online presence is implemented to his clients’ businesses when they come to Phaners for their media needs.

Phaners’ services include search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, data-driven marketing, influencer marketing, campaign marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce marketing, and social media optimization among others. Phan manages his company Phaners and handles how they’re trying to meet their client’s personal goals every day.

Capability alignment

Along with PR, Phaners aces content marketing, social media marketing, and in many cases, complete digital marketing to support client goals. David being the natural marketer and salesperson follows consistent communication regardless of the size and industry. He and his experienced team at Phaners align specific skill sets with your business goals.

Digital capabilities

There’s no more separate PR, digital marketing, social media, and content creation. Customers are more into an all-in-one agency that can be the final destination for all their online marketing goals. Phaners is the one-stop spot for the same. With the digital chops to amplify the impact of your earned media coverage, Phaners specializes in social media and other online expertise that enhance your online visibility to your potential customers beyond earned media coverage. There’s an integration of people from varied skills working together for every client.


Metrics are super essential in the age of accountability. Phaners promotes earned media coverage through ads linked to landing pages and then leads to your sales pipeline. Handy with the latest marketing techniques and tools, Phaners has the potential to influence your sales while aligning with your objectives.

Final Words

Sharing his perspectives on the growth of Digital Marketing in the future, he stated, “In a scenario where everything is going digital, there’s hardly anyone who wouldn’t want to explore this side of business profiting. As a vast majority of people have access to the internet, promoting one’s business online can grow its popularity easily and quickly. Digital Marketing will consistently be on the brighter side.”

David Phan is also into independent business consulting and PR marketing under his brand name, which has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. On asked why he chose Digital Marketing as a career and launched his company, he said: “Opportunities never come expected, and when they do, it’s our responsibility to make the best use of it.”

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