Getting A Social Security Card For Your Child

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While having a Social Security Number is not a requirement in America, it is still important to access essential government services. The SSN is considered a de facto national identity. In fact, a lot of companies are not willing to provide services if a client does not have an SSN. When it comes to your child, getting a social security number and card for them is a requirement for claiming them as dependents. This is for both the Internal Revenue Service and for federal income tax purposes. Your child will therefore need to have the card for you as a parent to be able to do the following:

  • Apply for government gains for your child.
  • Have your child on your health cover plan.
  • Get a bank account opened for your child.

It is evident that the social security card has a significant role to play in your child’s life. Therefore, as a parent you should prioritize getting the card after having the child. Fortunately, when giving information to fill in your child’s birth certificate after delivery, the health providers ask whether you want to apply for the child’s social security card and number(it is voluntary to have the card). This is the most appropriate time for you as a parent to get the card for your child. If you are interested, you provide social security numbers’ and cards’ information for both of the child’s parents. This is because if you wait to apply for the card later in the child’s life you will have to face some delays. The Social Security Administration office requires some time to verify the document you provide during the application. This makes the department not able to provide the card as soon as it is provided during the birth of the child.

If you are in a process of adopting a child, you can either wait till the adoption process is over. Then apply for the child’s social security card with your name appearing on the child’s name or apply with the child’s name having not taken up your name i.e before the adoption process is complete. The government offers assistance to the parents who would want to claim child-related tax breaks for children that they want to adopt but the process is pending. The parents are therefore advised to contact the Internal Revenue Service which provides Form W-7A. This form entails an application for taxpayer Identification number for a pending U.S adoptions. The identification number issued stays valid for only two years.Therefore the parent will have to ask for an extension of the numbers validity if the adoption process is still pending.

What to do to get social security card for your child

If you did not get your child a social security card at his/her birth, you visit the local social security administration(SSA) office. You can also trace the nearest SSA office with a quick Google search for SSA’s office locator and send your application via email. Anyway,if you are going to apply in person you are required to do the following;

  • Have form SS-5 downloaded and filled in with the required information such as social security numbers for the both parents. The form SS-5 is downloaded from SSA’s website before visiting the office. The form is for the purpose of social security card application.
  • Prove your own identity(parent). This is done by showing documents like passports, driver’s license or even an employee ID card.
  • Provide a documented proof of your child’s citizenship, age and identity. The acceptable documents for this prove are; school identification cards, birth certificates, hospital records, religious records, adoption decree and school record. You should provide at least two documents for your child.

All these documents required during the application should be originals or copies that the issuing agency has certified. If you are applying for an original social security card for a child of 12 years old and above, you are required to go with him or her to the social security office. This is because an interview is supposed to be conducted with the child. After the child is interviewed the parent still has to sign the application on behalf of him or her.

The social security office takes time to verify the documents provided by the applicant. For instance, to verify your child’s birth certificate they contact the office that issued his/her birth certificate. They do this because fraudsters have been caught getting false identities by using fake birth certificates. Which is insecure for every citizen. They take 6 to 12 weeks to finish their verification activities. After the social security office verifies the child’s identity, the child’s social security number and the card is emailed to the applicant.

If the card is stolen or lost, the parent follows a few steps required for replacement social security card for child and he/she is provided with another one.The card replacement is limited to 3 times in a year. In your lifetime the social security can only replace the card for you for a maximum of 10 times. Although, having proven that the replacement for the card would curb a serious hardship, the set limits would not hinder the replacement social security card for children

All the services concerning the social security card are offered at zero charges. Therefore, anyone contacting you and asking for payment for the service to be offered should be reported for a con plot. Social Security Card uses which are against the law include:

  • Buying, selling or changing social security cards.
  • Using another person’s social security number.
  • Providing the wrong information when applying for a social security number.

If you find out that someone is using your child’s social security number for fraud it is your right to file a case with the Federal Trade Commission.

You can contact Federal Trade Commission through their website or call this number (1-877-438-4338)

How To Reach Social Security Services and Information

Visit social security website. This is the most appropriate and convenient way you can reach social security. When you open the link you are able to; apply for government benefits, visit ‘my social security account’ where you are able to do the following:

  • Send a request for replacing your medicare
  • Look over your social security statement
  • Alter information concerning your direct depositing
  • Confirm your earnings
  • Get your benefit confirmation letter printed
  • Get your SSA-1099/10425 replaced
  • Get all important information.

You can as well find publications. You learn what is asked about social security services more often and also the answers given to the questions asked. Social security also has put in place automated services. During weekdays social security requests their clients to be patient when calling them. This is because the number of people calling them is usually very high getting their signals congested. Also some calls last long, slowing the rate at which they serve their customers at.

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