14 Reasons to Choose A Nursing Career

There are many good reasons to pursue a career in nursing. The demand for nurses is expected to increase in the coming years, which makes it a very promising career choice for the right person.

If you’re wondering whether this would be the right choice for you, consider some of the reasons to choose nursing below.

1. You Can Make a Huge Difference to Someone’s Life

Nurses are literally key figures in the lives of others. Their regular routines of monitoring patients, dispensing medication, and taking care of their patients’ needs has literally saved countless lives.

2. There Are Many Ways to Get the Right Training

Unlike other career options, family nurse practitioner programs are plentiful. Some can be completed in as little as 18 months while others can take years.

No matter what area of nursing you want to focus on, the right training to suit your schedule or lifestyle will always be available.

3. A Highly Lucrative Career

You’ll never have a shortage of job opportunities. With a variety of career options including acute care nursing, continuing care facilities, or hospital workers, you’ll have the ideal choices to suit your skill set.

With salaries starting at $62,000 annually, it’s a well-paying option that can be very lucrative.

4. You Can Study Online

If you’re considering making the switch to nursing, you can study for your new career online while still working your regular job.

There are many programs that allow you to work on your own schedule and still get all the professional training you need.

5. Increasing Demand

The demand for professional nurses is expected to increase every year for the next ten years.

With more people having access to better health insurance and medical treatment, the need for nurses is more important than ever.

6. A Chance to be of Service to Others

Every day, nurses are actively involved in caring for those who are unable to care for themselves. You’ll feel a powerful sense of pride and fulfillment with everything you do.

7. It’s a Career That Pays For Itself

Funding for your education is usually pretty easy. Because it is a high demand career, scholarships and financial aid opportunities are plentiful, making it possible for you to enter into the career without having to worry about excessive debt.

8. It’s An Exciting And Rewarding Career

You will be dealing with new healthcare challenges every day. You’ll be constantly on the move, working alongside other healthcare professionals to deliver quality care to patients.

9. You Can Travel

The demand for qualified nurses knows no boundaries, you can easily find work just about anywhere you want to live in the world.

In addition, global organizations are always looking for those with an adventurous spirit to join their team.

10. It’s A Career That Commands Respect

Nursing has ranked as the sixth-most respected career in the world.

Not only do patients recognize the demanding nature of the job, other professionals see the value in the work nurses do. This makes it one of the most respected industries in the world.

11. You Can Work In a Variety of Environments

Consider your nursing degree as a ticket to many wonderful things.

You could choose to be a school nurse or you could be as adventurous as you want working for disaster relief or other amazing opportunities.

12. A Chance to Learn Something New and Exciting

Every day, as you work alongside other medical professionals you’ll be able to glean a little from their knowledge. And as more information about medical and health treatments continue to be revealed, more exciting and interesting things to learn will be coming your way.

13. Flexible Work Schedule

There is a demand for nurses around the clock. You can work nights, days, or evenings, whatever you want.

If you’re not a morning person, no problem. There will always be a shift that will be perfect for you.

14. You Can Specialize

You have the choice to work in a wide variety of settings, with a wealth of specialties to choose from.

Those with high energy can work through trauma or emergency. For something more subdued, you could choose another less demanding specialty.

Nursing can be a noble career that gives you a sense of pride and integrity. So, if you’re looking for a career which is financially and emotionally rewarding, you should seriously consider the possibilities that nursing will bring you.


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