Meet Amir Hamdollahzadeh aka Kamyar696 – the Iranian Comedian followed by 2 Million Instagrammers

Iranian Comedian and Musician Amir Hamdollahzadeh aka Kamyar696 enjoys making people laugh. This passion helped him to cut a unique path. 

“I have a different style of comedy. I know how to improvise, and to create a special personality,” this philosophy of Amir was the driving force behind garnering 2.1 million followers on Instagram. 

Amir Hamdollahzadeh was born on December 17, 1994, in Tehran, Iran. He was graduated from Cambridge school in Malaysia. He is not only an Instagram Viner (a person who creates comedy clips for social media) but also a professional athlete and fitness trainer. His well-established handle on social media is Kamyar696. 

This 25-year old started his artistic activities by posting 15-second funny videos on Instagram in December 2016. 

“When Instagram increased the allowed duration for posting videos, my comedy clips were seen by more people. I have a different style when compared to other Iranian comedians. I know how to improvise,” Kamyar696 reveals the secret. 

These posts became an instant hit and he found a huge fan following on social media. This helped Amir to generate a ‘readymade’ audience. Everyone liked his Instagram and TikTok video clips because they tickled their funny bones. He also released his music named “Sokoot” in all the music platforms.

“I consider myself as a person who makes people laugh at any cost. From my childhood, I had a knack for making everyone laugh. Three years ago, I started to realise the power of social media. The comedy clips are well prepared and are received by my followers. It is a great feeling to get positive comments for your work. It is inspirational and in the meantime urges me to work more,” says a successful Amir. 

Fitness trainer

Amir Hamdollahzadeh is a multi-talented person. He already proved himself as a successful comedian and musician. His status now elevated to the level of a social media influencer. He is also a certified fitness trainer. 

Amir left Iran for Malaysia when he was 15. His journey into the world of fitness started when he was 16. He started Physical Education and took Nutrition courses in 2013 and 2014. Amir has international coaching degrees from IFBB America and EHFA Germany. Kamyar has a long history in fitness. He has lots of championship medals and appreciations that show his efforts in achieving his physical and artistic goals.

His charismatic social media presence has helped him to get many acting offers. But the Iranian is refusing for the time being as he is awaiting a role that suits him well. 

“I had lots of offers from different directors to take part in their movies. But I declined them because the audience will have high expectations from me,” Kamyar justifies. He is ready to land on a suitable role until the wait continues. 

 Till that time, he is well determined to continue his social media endeavours.


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