Lifestyle Influencer Mehdi Mobarakeh is an illustration of Success and Style

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One of the greatest minds of all time, Albert Einstein once said, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” In this day and age, where attention spans are shorter and time spent staring at the mobile screen is longer, it becomes difficult to leave an impact on someone. Impact that is invaluable. To leave an impression in the minds of hundreds of thousands today is easy with the help of social media. Influencers are using this tool to share their successes and showcase their style to the world. This is how the young civil engineer and entrepreneur, Mehdi Mobarakeh is making use of social media.

Mehdi Mobarakeh is a 32-year-old Iranian national who has come a long way not only in business but also in education. He holds a degree in civil engineering and is also a master cartographer. Mehdi completed his education and entered the construction industry. After earning considerable experience in the field. He moved to Turkey in search of better business opportunities. Mehdi achieved tremendous success in real estate and became one of the fastest growing businessmen in Turkey. Due to his success stories, Mehdi gathered a huge fan following on social media. His lifestyle and hard work has motivated over 1 million followers on Instagram. It is quite remarkable to notice him striking a fine balance between work and personal life. He says, “What good is success if it can’t help others? My objective as a lifestyle influencer is to inspire as many people as possible. Not only in Turkey and Iran but all over the world”. He is known for his sharp dressing style and impeccable grooming. He has deep love and passion for cars and bikes and cites Bentley and Mercedes as his favorites. Mehdi shuffles his time between Iran and Turkey while also handling businesses in other parts of Europe. 

Success and style go hand in hand. Once you achieve success, your mind trains you to update your style as well. It is not only important that you live well but also show that you live well. 

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