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FortuneZ Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary, Launches New Logo Creative

Today, iGaming and Forex media publication, FortuneZ celebrates its 10-Year, launching its new creative, the FortuneZ official logo. This new logo is seen in the top row of 4 grids, and is used concurrently with its other original logo as seen in the bottom row of 2 grids.

The new logo was designed retaining the corporate style and color guide of black and electric blue, and is similarly colored according to its background black or white. The new logo is also versatile in monochrome black and white, black logo on white background, and white logo on black background.

“We wanted a logo that was both corporate business style for our FOREX readers; yet at the same time ‘funky’ for our iGaming readers.” said a spokesperson from FortuneZ.

FortuneZ founded in the century leap year 2000, is a media publication featuring iGaming and foreign exchange (Forex, FX) news, written strictly for the industry professionals and aficionados. For more information, go to