Preparing for Your Vacation in Mexico

If you’re looking to plan your first trip across the border to Mexico, it’s essential to consider several aspects before you hit the road.

Like with every other destination, you’ll need to gather travel documents, think about health and safety, and pick a destination and desired activities. Today, we’ll take a look at the basics of traveling to Mexico. Follow our tips and make your holiday delightful and enjoyable in every way.

General Information

Before you start planning the details of your trip, you’ll need some basic knowledge about Mexico. Let’s go through the most important fields for tourists.

When to Go

First, consider the timing of your trip. Of course, your schedule is the main factor, but you should also take into account the weather during different times of the year, events and festivals you might want to visit, and times of low and high seasons in Mexico.

For this country, the high season lasts from December until Easter, when it’s the coldest north of the border. During the summer months, Mexico gets hot and humid, so it’s less busy. Plus, there’s a hurricane season from September to November along the Caribbean coast.

If you’re going to a big city, any time works. Remember the summer heat, though, and choose a period you can handle without being uncomfortable.

Where to Go

The answer to this question depends on what you’re seeking – Mexico has something for everyone.

The beaches are the best for vacationers, with plenty of facilities, airports, and hotels at your disposal. If you’re looking for a more cultured trip, visit one of the major cities to learn about local history and enjoy sightseeing. Finally, the mountains are teeming with natural beauty.

What to Do

The options are endless and depend only on your chosen destination. Anything from relaxing and taking in your environment to having an active trip is possible. Either way, check out the possibilities before you go and make all the necessary arrangements.

Gather Travel Documentation

Before you go, apply for all the required documents.

You’ll need a valid passport or another approved travel document to enter Mexico by air. If you’re visiting by land, you may be able to register using a trusted traveler card or a driver’s license.

Check before you go by consulting a Mexican embassy and the website of the US Department of State.

Costs and Budgeting

Mexico is budget-friendly all over, even in the most visited tourist hubs. Still, you may have to operate on a tight budget, in which case, there are some ways to save money in Mexico.

Eat Market Food

Mexico’s markets are the place where locals buy food. Eat there and stock up for day trips. You’ll find fresh fruits and veggies, meat, and many other goods under $1 apiece!

Travel Off-Season

If you can handle the heat, you get to enjoy a luxurious vacation for a bargain price from April to December. During that time, vacation rentals in Mexico go for half the price, travel rates are lower, and the food is richer.

Go Inland

If you’re not big on beaches, another budget-friendly option is to travel inland in Mexico. The coasts are the most famous, but the heart of the land also has a lot to offer.

Embrace Comida Corridas

Comida corrida is a hearty mid-day meal available from 2 to 4 pm, often at quite affordable prices. If you’re going out to eat, catch this option, as it tends to be cheaper and more filling than usual lunch and dinner meals.


American media tends to paint Mexico in dangerous colors, but in truth, most of the country is super safe for visiting. The only crime common in Mexico is petty theft. The conflict between drug cartels and local authorities has no impact on your trip.

People who tend to get involved in troubles with the law do so because of drinking, drugs, and participating in sex tourism. Stay away from such activities, and you’ll be fine.

All that to say, you should avoid some areas because of high gang activities. Check travel advisories to pick a safe spot.

To ensure you’re staying secure, get proper travel insurance. It will protect you against theft, injury, and all other ailments that may come your way.

The Bottom Line

Mexico offers many choices for relaxation on a budget for American citizens. Start with some intelligent planning and avoid the stressful parts of going south off the border.

When you get there, enjoy the place you chose. There’s time to see everything, but each site offers a lot of activities, so rushing it will do more harm than good. Relax, decompress, and come again next year for a completely distinct experience!


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