5 Reasons to Buy John Deere’s CS690 Cotton Stripper

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The John Deere 7460 Cotton Stripper was truly a marvel of a machine, but if you thought that was a really great cotton stripper, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise when you have a chance to operate the new John Deere CS690. This machine will allow you to bring in more cotton per gallon of fuel, while also lowering your operating cost per lint pound.

Compared to the John Deere 7460 machine, the CS690 is capable of reducing your labor costs by up to 78%, which is staggering in comparison. This means that for every four laborers formerly engaged in your cotton stripping process, you will only need one of them when the CS690 is spearheading your operation.

That can make your whole cotton harvesting operation much more efficient and much more profitable, because you’ll be harvesting more cotton while paying out less money for labor expenses. Here are some of the more advanced new features which you’ll find on the John Deere CS690 Cotton Stripper machine.

Added Horsepower

The previous version of the CS690 Cotton Stripper was the very popular 7460 Cotton Stripper produced by John Deere, and as popular as that model was, the CS690 has even better performance and greater reliability, due in large part to its added horsepower. This extra horsepower also makes the CS690 far more productive than any other machine preceding it, and its 13.5 Liter engine with 500 horsepower includes a 30 horsepower boost.

Regardless of the climate conditions you’re operating in, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing yield when you have all this horsepower at your disposal. Instead of being at the mercy of weather systems which pass through your region, you’ll find yourself back in control of the entire harvesting process, and proceeding at a pace of your own choosing.

New ProDrive Transmission

There are a number of benefits which accrue to the CS690 because of the ProDrive transmission which has been integrated into its superior design. The transmission itself features full-time four-wheel drive, permitting any operator to shift easily just by touching one of the buttons on the control panel.

It’s possible to achieve stripping speeds of up to 9 miles an hour using features like the Dial-A-Speed field cruise, and you can also achieve a field transport speed of that same 9 mph, while moving along roadways at 17 mph. This kind of convenience from your transmission will allow you to concentrate more of your attention on other challenges as they present themselves during the cotton harvesting process. The convenience afforded by the ProDrive transmission makes this one of the most versatile and usable cotton stripping machines on the market today.

Increased Harvest Speed

The best way to promote speed in cotton harvesting is to build in continuous harvesting technology to a given machine, and the CS690 has this kind of continuous harvesting technology to promote a greater efficiency and greater speed. This increased speed does not sacrifice quality in terms of cotton or seed protection, because the onboard module building system ensures that both are faithfully maintained during harvesting.

Given the fact that much faster harvesting is possible with the CS690, that also means there are less labor demands during the harvesting season, because more is accomplished by the machine itself, so that less labor is actually needed. By increasing yield and minimizing any losses which might occur, the CS690 machine will increase your profitability and make your bottom line look much healthier every harvesting season. This will help you meet your harvesting objectives, and you’ll get the whole process done much sooner than you would have in years past, because the CS690 will improve speed and efficiency for your operation.

More Efficient Staging with “Frontier Round Module Handler”

Picking is more convenient than it has ever been in the past, thanks to the Frontier Ground Module Handler built into the CS690, allowing for staging either during the harvest or directly afterward. This means that round modules can be taken out of the field and directly onto any standard module truck, or possibly a flatbed semi-trailer.

It is possible to comfortably fit four round modules on any standard module truck, and a flatbed trailer can even accommodate as many as seven round modules all at once. This amounts to a tremendous level of flexibility and convenience that is available to cotton harvesters, as well as the truck drivers involved with your operation.

New Headers

Another area that has undergone a significant upgrade on the CS690 are the updated headers, and for this new machine, the 606SH and the 608SH headers will provide a whole slew of new row-spacing options. This new 600 series of headers provide a variable speed hydraulic drive cross-order equipped with a reverser to promote steady crop flow. Using this updated technology, growers will now be able to achieve upwards of 97% stripping efficiency, as well as vastly improved harvest visibility.


There are a number of reasons why you should consider using the new John Deere CS690 Cotton Stripper, including its added horsepower, the new ProDrive transmission, the powerful new updated headers it has, the Frontier Round Module Handler, and its increased speed. All these new and improved features will help to bring down your labor costs, while at the same time increasing your yield and shortening your actual time spent in the field.

There is no more capable cotton stripping machine available on the market today, and that’s why you should give some serious thought to upgrading your operation with the CS690 Cotton Stripper. When you need replacement parts for your machine, or for any other Cotton Harvesting machine as well, you can easily find the parts you need from Certi-Pik, USA. Speed is of the essence when harvest time is underway, and you can count on any parts you need being shipped to you in the shortest possible time frame, so you’ll have minimal downtime.

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