UK, Australia, US Citizens can apply for Indian Visa Online for Tourism and Business

One of the best innovations that happened to the man after electricity is the invention of the internet. Interestingly, with technology, man’s activities are gradually being moved from traditionally known methods of doing things online. The little things we do manually, even as basic as buying pizza, can be ordered online, and it would be delivered while you are reclining in your living room sofa. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that getting an Indian visa, any category of anIndian Visa​ ​online, for example, is just with the click of a few buttons on a smart gadget.

The process of getting a visa before now was only through the local Indian Embassy or Mission. The narrative has changed now as the application is online. Therefore, if one has a plan to visit India, the best bet is to apply online. This convenient means of Indian Visa application is open to citizens of various countries. India has different categories of visas to cater to the different classes of visitors, putting factors like their nationality and the reason for a visit to India. These determine if one is qualified or not for an Indian Visa.

Classes of Indian Online Visa

Citizens of the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the French can apply for an e-Visa – one of the categories of visas available. Under this category, there are other classes such as e-Business, e-Medical, e-Conference, e-Medical Attendant, and e-Tourist visas. The door is now open to apply for these classes of visa online, especially for business and tourism for the named countries. If you are in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, or France, and you intend to go for recreation, sight-seeing, visiting family and friends, or attending a yoga program, attending a course not exceeding a 6-month duration and is not a diploma or degree certified. You are coming to do volunteer work for up to 1 month; you can apply online for the e-Tourist visa. Also, if the purpose of your visit is to set up an industry, engage in trading activity, hire staff or manpower from India, lecture delivery during the visit, or you an expert in an ongoing project in India, you can apply for the e-Business Visa.

The Process

The process is hassle-free as all you have to do, is apply by uploading your photo and passport page; pay for the e-Visa using a credit/debit card/ payment wallet; then, receive your Electronic Travel Authorization which is sent to your mail – all online. When you are armed with these, you can book your flight and be on your way to India.

But if for any reason an applicant is unable to complete his/her application, the application can be saved and return to complete the process through clicking a button at the bottom of the application page. Then after an applicant has succeeded in uploading his/her credentials, and after scrutiny, it is found to be inappropriate. A notification mail is sent within 24 hours to re-upload the said document(s).


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