Tips for Controlling Pests in and Around Your Home

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Pests are a nuisance, messy, stubborn, and a threat to your home plus family. Getting rid of pests entirely from your home is not a simple process, but there are ways you can prevent them from coming in or finding a breeding ground. There are several types of pests, including flies, fungus, rats, roaches, mosquitoes, termites, and many more.

The best approach when dealing with pests is by maintaining good hygiene in your home and around the compound. Pests can be dramatic, and that’s why it is not advisable to do-it-yourself for their sneaky nature. If you are looking for a lasting solution without playing cat and mouse games with pests, ask Scottsdale scorpion control experts to help take care of them. Having a reputable team of experts that understands the ins and outs of pests is a game changer to allow you to have peace of mind at your home.


You will rarely see pests entertain places that are constantly kept clean; therefore, leave no trace of food that may attract pests. Good hygiene is an approach to get rid of the menace from your home. One of the most important aspects when it comes to hygiene is cleaning up after meals, like washing the dishes.

Also, wipe your dining table, cupboards, around your cooker, and ensure you throw leftover food in the trash bin will help. Cover the trash bin using paper wrappings to make it impossible for any intruder wanting to get inside. Make sure you flush the toilet after each use, completely seal the septic tanks, clear the weeds around your compound not forgetting the debris in the garden. Maintaining your home hygiene should be your daily focus if you want a pest-free environment.

Check Crawl Spaces

Check into your crawl spaces or basement using a flashlight and protective clothing. When you see large shredded material nests, which indicate the presence of rodents and in most cases, they are large. Also, you can check for those small signs, as it could be that of cockroaches or ants tracing their way to your home.

If you sealed all the entry points and loopholes to prevent pests from entering your home, you need to investigate how they made their way in and block future incursions.

Trim Plants and Bushes against Your House

Bushes, trees, and shrubs are breeding ground for rats, especially when leaves start accumulating on the ground; they attract pests. Other areas you should be keen to avoid are stacking firewood near your house. They attract cockroaches, ants, and areas that rats may build their homes if not observed for long.

Keep your lawn trimmed and clean to discourage ants from building anthills in your compound. But in case that happens, spray those areas using insecticide and make sure you plant grass in the bare areas.

Prevent Bed Bugs

Bed bugs may easily come into your home if you are not careful about clothing that is dirty or picking them from outside your home. Bed bugs may spread your home if you are coming from vacation times, probably from hotels. That’s why you should not enter with clothes you came with from your trip.

Bed bugs live in mattresses and couches, and the only way to clear them is looking for professionals to use their professionalism to fight them entirely. Bugs are the most stubborn pests than any other pest. Mostly is due to its hiding nature, and the only approach to clear bedbugs is to look for professionals.


Pests are a real problem for many homes, but they are controllable. There are many ways to control pests, and we have highlighted some; however, the only most effective way to prevent pests from causing more havoc in your home is maintaining hygiene always.

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