Best relaxing songs of all time

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In today’s hectic society it is important to, every now and then, take a step back and have a break. Stress levels can be really high with things like work, school, parenting, bills and toxic relationships clouding your mind and getting in the way of you being happy.

With so much going on, chill or relaxing music is important to help you find your zen again. Most people know the power that music has, so why not use it to your advantage. Find some music that you like and let yourself relax for a little bit.

While sometimes you won’t even know where to start when it comes to relaxing songs, a good place is the ambient & chillout radio or even this list of some of the most relaxing songs of all time. So if you need a little break from a really tough day, or you are trying to get to sleep, make sure you’ve got your chill playlist ready to go.

Have a look below at some of the most relaxing and chill songs of all time, these songs are here to help you find your zen and de-stress from the grind of typical daily life:

Song: Watermark, Artist: Enya

Most people who have ever tried to relax before using music have probably heard of Enya. She is a classic when it comes to relaxing and she has got a lot of popular songs that people listen to when they are trying to sleep especially.

The beauty of Watermark is that it is really simple, meaning it is very easy for your mind to go blank and slowly drift away. The piano is nice on the ears and the chorus is sweet. The layer of the chorus creates something that is easy to listen to and helps you find your happy place.

This song is particularly perfect if you are trying to get to sleep, or even if you have a new baby or small child. Sleep is very important for your overall health, and if you don’t get enough sleep it can really have an impact on the rest of your life. So if you find you aren’t getting enough sleep make sure you take a serious look at why and ways to overcome this.

Song: Someone Like You, Artist: Adele

Adele is such an iconic artist and pretty much everything she does turns to gold, and the song Someone Like You was certainly no exception. The song Someone Like You was (still is) so amazing that it even won a Grammy!

The harmony and the lyrics are both emotional and relaxing. It is pretty easy to calm down and relax with this song. This song isn’t necessarily good for someone who is trying to fall asleep due to the higher levels of emotion. But if you are particularly stressed one day, this song will really help relax you and get you centered again.

Song: Strawberry Swing, Artist: Coldplay

While a lot typical relaxing songs don’t have any lyrics, this Coldplay song does. It truly proves that songs can still be relaxing without being purely instrumental. This song is quite soothing and the lyrics actually help you relax even further. Just let the lyrics wash over you; you don’t need to focus on what is actually being said.

The tempo is a little bit higher than your traditional chill or relaxing songs, but the feelings of happiness that can come from this song can help you de-stress just as much as other songs. While you wouldn’t use the song to try to go to sleep, a little bit of happiness is certainly something everyone needs in his or her day.

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